Movies that Give us Modern Interior and French Door Goals

Set design is an integral part of films, helping give a sense of reality and depth to the scenes of a movie as something probable. Many films have set incredible reputations, ending up influencing how people design their own homes with their well-thought-out layouts and door designs. French doors are some of the most commonly used elements in movies, as they convey a sense of class, giving a clear aesthetic and providing light inside, which can help illuminate a scene.

Here are some notable films that achieve the goals mentioned above.


Nocturnal Animals

For many people, Nocturnal Animals was the first time they realized that Tom Ford actually made movies. The designer brings his eclectic taste of fashion into movies as well. From its intriguing plot to its unique set design, Nocturnal Animals is a sight for sore eyes. When it's not a gritty thriller with dimly lit shots that portray a sense of danger, the movie relishes in gorgeous locations.

One of its most iconic locations is a glass and concrete mansion full of artwork and exquisitely designed French doors. 


This Oscar-winning sci-fi romance is set in a futuristic Los Angeles, featuring an incredible performance by Joaquin Phoenix and brilliant voice work by Scarlett Johansson. The movie sets itself apart with its unique set design. Using bright, vivid colors mixed with pastel hues, it gives a colorful look that you can't help but stare at.


Even in what director Spike Jonze thinks is the future, French doors, iron doors, and other glass elements for homes and offices haven't gone out of style. They're used prominently across the LA area, especially in Theodore's home and office, for beautiful set pieces all across the board.

American Psycho

While the public’s opinion on 2000s American Psycho polarizes between being a work of auteur cinema or downright provocative, the movie takes pride in its themes of excess and the high life of the early 2000’s. From pomaded hair, designer suits, and premium business cards, it’s a proper rendition of Wall Street.

What sells the point the most is the exquisite attention to detail in the set design. Patrick Bateman’s American Garden apartment, the interior for Pearce and Pearce, and the interior of Dorsia, all look lavish and well thought out, using glass doors, French doors, iron doors, and windows.

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we’ve taken inspiration from the films to bring the aesthetics of Hollywood and beyond into our own design. With subtle inspiration from the classics and the industry trends, we’ve curated our collection of patio doors, sliding doors, wine cellar doors, and steel front doors, and other accessories for your next house remodeling project.

Our business also creates custom doors and windows, so you can make your home look exceptional. We provide convenient shipping across the United States, making access to our products easier than ever.


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