Need New Steel Patio Doors for Your Home? Check Out Our Bestselling Designs

So, you’ve set up an exquisite backyard that’s more of an outdoor living space but you lack a decent passage leading to it? A steel patio door is just what you need, offering a great view of the outside that looks stylish on its own and adds to your interior’s beauty. Here are some of our bestselling designs that have had public renown:

French Doors

Throughout the years and even now, French doors are among our bestselling patio door designs. While the iconic design with thin frames and large glass panels is the same, customers are more than welcome to pick variations more in line with their tastes. The traditional square design is a hit, but people are gravitating towards arched versions as well. There are double door versions too, each with their sidelight and transom variations.

A great gateway to the backyard that brings in light while keeping out dirt and debris.

Bifold Doors

If you’re looking for something different and fancy, a bifold door is just what you need. They are also referred to as accordion doors. Expect guests and potential home buyers to be impressed as they witness these doors come together to stack up when being opened. They take up less space in the home than you might imagine, and you can leave it somewhat ajar in case you feel like letting in more air into the space.


The great insulation these doors offer is also noteworthy, so you’re covered throughout the seasons in that aspect as well.

Dutch Doors

Dutch doors are a must-have installation for pet owners and those with small children. You may have seen them in cartoons, but they are basically two doors in one frame that can be independently closed and shut. They make a great passage for little kids and pets without having to open up the entire door to let dirt and debris inside.

You don’t know the blessing of a Dutch door until you’ve had to stop what you’re doing to bring in a sad pet or crying child locked out in the backyard.

If you’re looking to remodel your home and a patio door installation is on your mind, you need to check out Pinky’s Iron Doors. We develop custom-tailored steel doors, including black steel barn doors or steel sliding doors, wrought iron doors, interior steel pocket doors, interior steel glass doors.

You can also contact us for other accessories such as handles, locks, sidelights, and locks.


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