Our New Year's Resolution Is To Make Your Home More Secure with Our Wrought Iron Security Doors

Burglaries and break-ins are more common in the US than you might think. Here are a couple of statistics to give you some perspective:

The most alarming statistic is that 34% of burglars enter the house through the front door. In many instances, a burglar knocks on the door to check if anyone is present in the home. If no one is home, they try to open the door by jiggling the doorknob, trying different keys, and finally attempting to break the door.

Speaking about breaking the front door, here’s a funny video of two guys on Shark Tank failing at selling an effective security door:


Jokes aside, it’s critical for your home’s security that you invest in a high-quality wrought iron security door so the burglars end up hopelessly kicking at your door (like the poor guy in the video) but unable to break it down. This will help to keep your home secure and provide complete peace of mind.

Secure your home with Pinky’s wrought iron security doors

Secure your home with Pinky’s wrought iron security doors

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, our new year's resolution is to make your home more secure with our wrought iron security doors. Here are some reasons why you should invest in our quality doors:

Exceptional Security         

It’s in the name! Our top-quality iron wrought iron security doors are designed specifically to keep your home protected from perpetrators. Criminals often target a house with poor security and avoid homes with quality wrought doors as they are extremely difficult to break. Hence, they don’t pick your home and go for easier targets.

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Property Value

When you purchase our wrought iron doors, you’re not just buying a door, but making an investment that provides you an instant return. Our door will increase the value of your property by making it safer. Any home buyer will recognize the value of a solid wrought iron door and willing to pay some extra money in exchange for greater security.

Aesthetic Appeal

Not only do our wrought iron doors provide security, but they also help to boost the curb appeal of your property. Our doors are created with excellent craftsmanship and great attention to detail, which results in exquisite and stylish design. You can make a great first impression on your guests with our doors that comes in various designs and styles.

Final words

We believe that the aforementioned points helped you understand the importance of secure front doors. At Pinky’s Iron Door, our doors are designed specifically to provide top-level security and improve the aesthetics of your home. Moreover, our wrought iron doors also come with glass elements which let natural lighting.

Moreover, the maintenance and upkeep of our wrought iron doors are quite straightforward. They only require occasional cleaning and dusting to remain clean and beautiful. Moreover, they are highly durable and weather-resistant; hence it won’t be an overstatement to say that they can last a lifetime.

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