Personalize Your Home With The Right Iron Glass Door

Think back to every dramatic movie or show you’ve seen. Every single one has a scene where the protagonist makes an entrance, flinging a door open and walking right into an emotionally challenging situation.

While the whole cinematic backdrop is important in these moments, the central prop here is the door itself. It has to be significant, elegant, and must exert a presence of its own; in the form of a heavy iron sound, or rain-textured glass that adds a dramatic flair to the scene.

And just like the right door lends the right aesthetic to a scene, the same applies to your house. The best doors, in our opinion, are wrought iron and steel, as they’re the perfect mix of sturdy, beautiful, and elegant.

But what makes an iron door flexible enough to be molded according to the design requirements?

The glass, of course!

Here are all the glass options we offer to clients to make sure their doors never look out of place.

Low-E—Hope Double Flat

Low-E—Hope Double Flat

Low-E stands for low emissivity; it signals a material’s ability to emit radiant energy. This kind of glass will regulate the temperature inside your home by keeping the winter cold and harsh summer UV rays and heat outside. 

The glass also provides high energy-efficiency by reducing heat loss, a significant reduction in UV damage, and comparatively lower condensation compared to other glass.

The clear glass on your Hope Double Flat will keep your house feeling warm and cozy this winter.

Rain—Air 8 Double Flat

Rain—Air 8 Double Flat

Want it to always feel like it’s raining in a particularly dry part of the country? Rain glass, paired with your Air 8 Double Flat, might just the answer. 

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we offer optional rain glass panels with some of our doors to elevate the look of your home’s entrances and to add an organic effect.

Another of the many benefits of rain glass paneling is the privacy it provides, making it the ideal choice for front doors, showers, and even bathroom windows. The style compliments both modern and contemporary interior designs.

Flemish—Air 5 Double Flat

Flemish—Air 5 Double Flat

Want to jazz up your entrance a but don’t want to go overboard and make it look cramped and overdone? A slight tweak to the glass paneling of your Air 5 Double Flat might just do the trick.

Opt for Flemish glass to complete your wrought iron door—be it for your entrance or your patio. It adds a necessary elegance to all kinds of interior design themes and styles.

Aquatex—Beverly Double Flat With Transoms

Aquatex—Beverly Double Flat With Transoms

At Pinky’s Iron Doors we make sure to provide our clients with multiple ways and options to pick from that add to the look and aesthetic of their spaces, without compromising privacy, security, and even temperature. Beauty shouldn’t come at a cost.

One of these options is the beautiful Aquatex glass—a type of textured glass that gives off a semi-transparent look while taking nothing away from the natural light entering your house.

Pair with your Beverly Double Flat and add transoms for a timeless look.

If you’re looking for doors to amp up your interior design, here’s our collection of steel and wrought iron doors.

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we’re a one-stop-shop for online customers who are shopping for doors, Among our collection are several varieties, including thermally broken doors, custom pivot, and sliding doors.
Get in touch with us today and make a selection before the stock runs out!

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