Pinky’s Iron Doors City Spotlight: Cleveland, Ohio

Pinky’s City Spotlight: Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio, is one of the most diverse cities in the United States, with a close-knit community and a genuine love for its natural resources. Located near Lake Erie, Cleveland has about 380,000 proud residents in the city. From the aesthetically pleasing weather to its professional sports teams, here are some of the things that make Cleveland such a fantastic city.

The 7th Best Food City

According to Time, Cleveland is the seventh-best food city in America. It’s known for having the perfect mix of new and timeless community restaurants. The city offers a vast range of international cuisine, helping people find any type of food they’re looking for.

If you’re a beverage lover, you’ll love the unbeatable beer scene in Cleveland. Apart from its exceptional breweries, Cleveland has numerous bars and wineries for the perfect evenings with friends and family.

You’re surely going to love a large number of tea and coffee shops to fulfill your caffeine needs in the city.

Hub of Sports

People in Cleveland love sports. Despite not having the most successful sports teams, Cleveland continues to participate in sports and has some of the best fans across the United States. Cleveland fans are sure they’re on the road to victory. They take pride in rallying behind their home teams in every game.

Cleveland skyline

Art & Culture

You’ll find countless opportunities to explore art and culture in Cleveland. The city’s infamous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Cleveland Orchestra, MOCA Cleveland, and Cleveland Museum of Art are some of the places for art lovers to explore their passion. It’s also an excellent city for performance arts with a Playhouse Square franchise in town. You’ll never want to miss out on Cleveland’s Broadway Plays and musicals.

The Natural Resources

Another name for Cleveland is the “Emerald Necklace”. It’s because the entire city is surrounded by a necklace-like circle of greenery, with the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and the Cleveland Metropark as its highlights. You’ll find some of the best hiking trails, waterfalls, and overlooks in the city.

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