Pinky’s Iron Doors City Spotlight: Dayton, Ohio

Ohio is one of the most livable states in the United States. Many of its cities are now a part of the top 50 American cities in terms of food, entertainment, travel, arts, and culture. Dayton, also known as “the gem city,” is quite literally a gem in Ohio.

The city is like a hidden treasure for anyone who visits it for the first time. The city’s affordable living makes it unique among all other Ohio cities. If you’re looking for a place with a fantastic food scene and various natural resources, parks, and trails, Dayton is the city for you.

Here’s why we’re so fascinated by Dayton, Ohio.

The Most Inventive Brewery

Dayton residents or Daytonians are extremely happy-go-lucky people. They’re always up for adventures and spending quality time outside their homes with neighbors, friends, and family. Drinking beer during get-togethers has become the ultimate Dayton tradition, thanks to its Warped Wing Brewing Co.

It’s an inventive Dayton brewery with its manufacturing facility in the heart of Dayton downtown. The company is a significant representative of Dayton’s rich history of development, creation, and innovation. Visitors and residents love visiting its tasting room, formerly known as the Buckeye Brass & Iron Foundry.

Most Flyers supporters head to this brewery to triple their beer intake to celebrate their big city wins.

Dayton skyline

The Flyers Men’s Basketball Team

Dayton’s city culture includes cheering for the Flyers Men’s Basketball team of the University of Dayton. You can expect more than 13,000 fans rooting for their home team during Flyers games. In fact, the city’s enthusiasm and intensive support toward their team has made it a regular host of NCAA tournaments in Ohio.

Exceptional Latin-American Cuisine

While Dayton offers a vast selection of international cuisines, it’s known for its authentic Hispanic menu at the famous restaurant El Mason. The eatery offers a full-fledged Hispanic cuisine experience to its visitors instead of simply providing them with a fancy meal. One of the must-haves on their Latin-American menu is the ceviche with fresh flavors and the perfect blend of sweet and sour.

Downtown Dayton

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