Pinky’s Iron Doors City Spotlight: Winnetka, Illinois

Technically a small village in Cook County, IL, Winnetka remains one of the region's most iconic locations. Nestled in Lake Michigan’s North Shore, the town is home to tree-lined avenues, gorgeous sandy beaches, public parks, and various adventure and recreational avenues.

Though founded in 1869, the town—the name for which is a Native American word meaning “beautiful land”—has managed to add a touch of modernity to its otherwise historic charm.

You may recognize it from the slew of film scenes that have been shot here, including Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club (yes, John Hughes loves Winnetka), Ocean’s 12, and more.

The village offers residents a slice of suburban life without missing out on the excitement and sociability of cities. Chock full of coffee shops, restaurants, parks, and beaches, it's one of the best places to raise a family, own a home, and run a business. In fact, in 2011, it was dubbed one of the best places to live!

We have to say we’re reminded of the same quaint villages and architecture that inspire our French Doors when we think of the city. With a hint of contemporary style that Winnetka Village channels, the rustic, historical touch is exactly what our collections reflect through the design. And it’s not just that; many of the wrought iron doors fit Winnetka’s aesthetic appeal.

You’ll find yourself transported through time as you step through our lightweight but sturdy entry doors and into the streets of Winnetka Village, where you’ll see homes, cafes, boutiques, and other buildings constructed in historical fashion. In fact, much of the architecture has been preserved from its initial construction thanks to the town’s dedication to preserving its history and origins.

Seeing as how most people own their homes here, it makes sense to invest in custom steel interior doors, gorgeous black steel barn doors, or metal sliding doors in Winnetka. Each of these designs offers you an understated yet beautiful option for your property.

We also recommend our thermally broken doors, which can be made on special order, since they help residents of Winnetka regulate temperatures inside their homes during Illinois's extreme cold!

Pinky’s Iron Doors aims to help each of our clients find the perfect doors and accessories for their homes, which is why we’re offering you a large variety of options to choose from. Our doors are designed to be versatile, stylish, and suit your requirements, whether you prefer a more modern touch or something more classic.

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