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This city in Hamilton County started as a coach stop on the Cincinnati-Zanesville route and has now grown into a bustling suburban town. Later, it became known as Montgomery Pike, which had two taverns, an inn, a grist mill, and a carding mill to sustain the livelihoods of farmers through agriculture. The town was little more than a bedroom community for workers who traveled to Cincinnati frequently and was speckled with 19th-century architecture until 1960s. Those ancient buildings are what contribute to the cultural heritage that attracts tourists to downtown Montgomery today.

As more and more families moved into town, the total population surpassed 10,500, and the small historic city grew into a cluster of commercial dwellings and modern homes. While it may have grown out of its intimate neighborhoods and small-town lifestyle, the modern homes and locals haven’t forgotten the historic charm that Montgomery was known for. Since the town was originally inhabited by travelers, it became the hub of changing fashions, modern trends as they came and went, and news from neighboring cities. Thus, what you see there today is a potpourri of cultures, languages, professions, dialects, and colors. This, and many other elements, has bestowed the appeal of diversity on Montgomery.



If you’re someone who believes in evolving with time and wishes to part of an ever-growing community, become part of the family of locals in Montgomery, and we’ll help set up your place. At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we operate with a client-first ideology so that you feel in control at every point and call the shots. We’re only here to assist you when and if you need us and help with the technical details of installing doors once you’ve picked the front door for your Montgomery house. We specialize in wrought-iron entry doors, French patio doors, and sliding doors for sectioned interior spaces within homes, so you’ll have no trouble finding the right door for any entrance. We customize whichever entry doors, front doors, patio doors, sliding doors, dutch doors, or French doors you the shape and size of your doorway. All in all, none of our clients have been unhappy with our services, and that says a lot about the quality of service and work ethic we swear by.

Your main entrance is key to your house’s curb appeal so choose the front door with care. We’re here to guide you with what we think would best suit your Montgomery home! Feel free to explore through the full range of our steel interior doors and wrought-iron doors, and let us know what you think.

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