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The gorgeous city of Pepper Pike in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, is every family’s dream place to live. Founded by a handful of affluent families that settled in the area in 1815 and foresaw its development into a municipality of the Orange Township, it’s a rich suburb of the greater Cleveland area. The city took its name after the founding Pepper family, who was overseeing the transportation corridor. Not to our surprise, the city earned stakes in global fame by being listed as one of the seven cities with the strangest names in the World Book of Facts. The National Arbor Day Foundation has also referred to the city as Tree City USA.

Being one of the richest towns in the country (43rd, to be precise), the residents must match the look and feel of their homes to the stature of the town. Since a majority of the population comprises people with college degrees or higher qualifications, the literacy rate in the area is astoundingly high. These factors have significantly raised the standard of living for the locals. It’s safe to say that the aesthetic preferences of Pepper Pike locals are a class apart. And to meet that standard, we’re offering our finest collection of wrought-iron entry doors, French patio doors, steel sliding doors, cold weather doors, and windows to accessorize your homes with the best doors. We’re known for delivering an outstanding quality of iron and steel doors and windows that can be customized for size according to your needs. Every great house needs a grand entrance, and our front doors are here to fulfill that to the fullest. Carved with care and designed according to a modern style guide, our classic French front doors and iron doors have put all ordinary doors to shame.


We can work with a range of architectural layouts, interior themes, and aesthetic preferences because satisfying the owner is our top priority. Our designers are equipped with knowledge of the industry and a unqiue eye for detail to make sure you get what you want. Feel free to browse through our online collection of iron front doors and black steel doors and let us know which one you’d like for your Pepper Pike home. We promise to give you an aesthetically balanced final product with functional durability for all times to come.

Let us know if you like any of our French entry doors and steel interior doors, and we’ll take it from there. Let’s give your home a rich renovation that’s oozing with an opulent style and surpasses all your expectations!

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