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Everyone who chooses to build a home in Erie does so because they love the city and the bounties it offers for themselves and their families. As the fourth biggest city in the state, Erie offers a diverse range of urban facilities, infrastructure, and options for leisure. Whether you’re keen on absorbing the gorgeous panorama of nature from the Port Erie Bicentennial Tower or experiencing the night life at the Presque Isle Downs Casino, you’ll be spoiled for choice with things to do. There’s something for everyone in the city, and that makes it the perfect place to build a home for families and solo settlers.

If you’re a history enthusiast, you’d be delighted to know that the city has roots growing back to a time when the Native Americans used to live here. Tales from the mid-17th century have confirmed the presence of early settlers in the area and that’s where the city gets its name from. You can dig up interesting facts about life in ancient Erie by touring the Sommerheim Park Archaeological District west of Erie and read up on the archaic artifacts you find there.

But if you’re a city person at heart, you’ll be pleased to know that Erie lies halfway between Cleveland and New York so you’ve got tons of city touring options to explore. Healthcare, higher education and technology keeps developing in Erie, allowing residents to find world-class facilities within the city. That’s just another pro on the list of why Erie is the perfect home for you.

If your heart is set on moving to Erie, we can help furnish your new home with our best-selling wrought-iron entry doors, French patio doors, steel sliding doors, cold weather doors and steel windows. We aim to assimilate aesthetics, versatility, and durability in our productsso that you get the best of everything when you place your trust in us. Pinky’s Iron Doors prides itself on its wrought-iron doors and French entry doors and our customer reviews are a testament to their quality and design. With us, your home décor will be in the hands of experts who actually listen to what you want for your home. We follow design briefs to the tee and give you exactly what you want, including customized door sizes.

Check out our French front doors, NFRC-rated windows and iron doors because they’re must-haves for all modern homes. Take a look at the Dutch doors, interior doors, cold weather doors, and entry doors on our website too. Let’s get started on your Erie home.

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