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As the sixth largest city of the state, you can expect Scranton to be replete with all urban charms, modern facilities, and everything you want a metropolis to be. However, despite its size and development, it has maintained a small-city charm for nearly 77,000 Scrantonians. This city has proved that it’s a diamond in the rough. Despite being a city on the rise, it has preserved the rustic rural appeal in the downtown area with roads canopied with dense tree cover and romantic cottages in the woods in the Green Ridge neck. What’s more, the city is abundant in some of nature’s gems that look straight out of a postcard. Be it the Scranton Lake, the Lackawanna River, or the fringes of the Pocono Mountains, this city has a bit of everything. It’s the best of both worlds for city folks who like to stay close to nature and surround themselves with the most breathtaking scenery in the country.

Owing to the country’s premier power-operated trolley system that was generated in 1886 in Scranton, it’s now called the Electric City. The line couldn’t stand the test of time but the nickname did. And to reaffirm that, a big sign saying “Electric City” lights up after sundown to remind the residents of the city’s history. But there’s more than just history calling people to this city. The development of the University of Scranton and the renovation of the Riverfront of Lackawana downtown has spurred the wheels of progress in the city, inviting many families with growing kids to come and start a new life.

Your life, new or old, always begins from home and that’s why the entire team at Pinky’s Iron Doors is thrilled to help you setup and decorate your new Scranton home.

We have the finest and most extensive collection of wrought-iron entry doors, French patio doors, steel sliding doors, cold weather doors and steel windows in Scranton, Pennsylvania, that can give your modern home the charms it needs. Our designers know that black steel and glass interiors are hot in the interior design market, and that’s why we have a range of entry and interior doors made from those. Whether you want to keep things minimal or grandly ornate, we hear you.

Check out our entire product range and you’ll find the one front door that will transform the entrance to your new house. Winters in Scranton are harsh and gloomy but our cold-weather doors can make the indoor space warm and toasty for the perfect family evenings. They are built with thermal break technology that minimizes heat loss by restricting conduction between metals. Our non-thermal break doors will also help your HVAC systems perform optimally without consuming a lot of energy.

Don’t miss out on our French front doors and iron doors because they’re the cornerstone of modern estates. While you’re at it, check out the Dutch doors, interior doors, cold weather doors, and entry doors in our collection too. Let’s build a home from scratch in Scranton.

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