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Located in Kenton County, Edgewood is a beautiful area with a sparse suburban feel. The area has grit and a vibe that's very distinctive. It's a small community that's close to almost everything. The city's location makes Edgewood a perfect suburb to live in for people who want to stay connected to the city.

It's hard to find an area this size in Midwest that has so many amenities. There's a lot of options for single people and families. Many people relocate to Edgewood to escape the hustle and bustle of the urban city environment of downtown Cincinnati. In fact, they can reach downtown faster than many people that live in Cincinnati.

Ranking high in living scores, Edgewood has several parks, and they are beautiful and well-maintained. The people are friendly, and the crime rates are very low. The city's peaceful and quiet environment makes it an excellent place for people looking for a comfortable and relaxed lifestyle. Moreover, you get all four seasons.


Here are some highlights of Edgewood to give you more insights:

Population, home value, and income

Edgewood is home to 8,703 residents. The median home value is around $204,300, and the median household income is over $89,000. All these figures hint at a strong economy.

Excellent place to live

The desirable community traits of Edgewood, like a strong economy, affordable living costs, safe streets, etc., put Edgewood on the list of the best places to live in the United States.

Kentucky's Best

Edgewood is named the best city to live in Kentucky. The town got this title by scoring high in a weighted index of over two dozen measures by 24/7 Wall St.

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