Pinky's is Inspired by the Historic Architecture New Orleans Has to Offer

City Spotlight: The Pinky’s Design Team is inspired by the Historic Architecture New Orleans Has to Offer

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we are proud to offer our high quality designs to the beautiful city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Infamously known for its French and Spanish Creole elements and architecture, New Orleans or “The Big Easy” is one of the most culturally rich destinations in the United States. Many attribute the Louisiana metropolis to being the homeland of jazz music, making it widely popular for its lively and iconic musical history and delicious dishes.  With historic charm and architectural beauty, New Orleans is definitely visually stunning and filled with history. Tourists love to visit Uptown New Orleans, the city’s biggest historic region. Of course, many associate the famous Louisiana city with Mardi Gras, a famous carnival involving an abundance of celebration, food, music, dancing, and parades. Beyond Mardi Gras, there are many charming aspects about this city that are loved by tourists and residents alike. 

With forty years of experience in the wrought iron industry, the company founders created Pinky’s Iron Doors to focus on their passion for iron doors

Must-see spots in the city including Jackson Square, located in the French Quarter. The Square features stunning eighteenth century architecture and is absolutely a sight to be admired. New Orleans food, particularly crawfish, jambalaya, the infamous gumbo, and decadent beignets are an attraction all on their own. Bourbon Street is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city. Rich with restaurants and nightlife, Bourbon Street is without a doubt the place to be in New Orleans, especially when the sun goes down.

New Orleans

At Pinky’s, we think New Orleans’ best attribute is its architecture. Our team particularly appreciates the plethora of iron details and infamous cast iron balconies that can be spotted throughout the “Big Easy.” The famous city’s French Quarter is filled with creole townhouses that feature stunning and intricate ironwork. The embellished iron balconies and details simply cannot be missed. These iron details add to the richness of the city. We are inspired by the detail and magnificence of New Orleans’ architecture.

Townhouses in New Orleans offer a variety of different iron details. Many of our previously handcrafted iron doors have been inspired by the luxurious architecture of some of our favorite cities, including New Orleans. Elements of the exquisite cast iron balconies of the French Quarter can be seen in designs like our “Lucky” double door design.  The full arched design of our “Lucky” iron door truly makes a statement. Not only will this high quality double door protect your home, but it will instantly add a sophisticated look to the entrance of your property. A beautiful iron door like the “Lucky” has the power to add curb appeal to your home and make your neighbors turn heads as they drive by. Be the envy of the community and protect your home with the elegant and classic “Lucky” design. Any guest that enters your home through these ornate and stylish doors is truly lucky! By choosing Pinky’s, you are investing in quality you can trust. With installation that generally takes no more than a day, you are adding beauty and protection to your property that will last a lifetime.

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