Popular Interior Design Styles You Should Know About

The world of interior design is huge, especially as we transition into a global village and share designs and ideas across borders and histories. This means that there is a world of design themes you could take inspiration from as you set up your new home or remodel your existing house.

Don’t forget, there’s a Pinky’s product out there for just about every kind of interior design theme. So, let’s run through some popular interior design styles and see what kind of wrought iron door or black steel door suits each theme.


Bohemian Homes

Bohemian interiors are representative of an artistic movement that flourished in Europe and was characterized by campy artistic choices that look glamorous, yet vaguely used. The idea is that bohemian artists would furnish their homes using the quirky combinations of statement pieces from flea markets.

Going over the top without looking too upper class is the key with Bohemian design, which is why scrollwork wrought iron entry doors that look like they were forged a century ago would be perfect!

Industrial Design

Industrial design comes from the Industrial Revolution and the way that factories were built back in the 18th and 19th centuries. This means plenty of iron, high ceilings, wooden beams and simplicity.

However, in today’s day and age, industrial design is more about balancing materials. Wooden flooring and chairs along with cloth couches and rectangular rugs are key. Pair it off with some sleek, slim banisters or steel factory windows and doors (better known as Crittall-style) and your home should look like the right combination of the past and present.

Contemporary Edginess

Contemporary is a vague word and can often represent a whole host of design concepts. However, what contemporary interior design usually means is the combination of precisely balanced elements from all kinds of interior design.

Borrowing straight lines and geometric shapes from industrial design, while also incorporating ornate décor such as ethnic vases or Persian rugs is the exact representation of a contemporary interior. Let your imagination go wild with any one of our urban doors for a contemporary design effect.

Scandinavian Interiors

Scandinavian design has been taking over the interior design world with such ease that it’s hard to imagine a world without it. From Ikea’s budget furniture to homes being remodeled to achieve the organic shapes characteristic of Scandinavian design — executing this theme is a real challenge.

The key is to abandon all thought of aesthetic, focus on organic functionality and add accents of quirkiness using natural elements and straight lines as a finishing touch. Black steel windows can subtly round out a Scandinavian interior.


French Countryside Grandeur

French design is a world unto itself, which is why we’re taking a moment here to highlight French countryside design specifically. French country design is a mix of the shabby chicness that France is famous for but with a uniquely vintage farmhouse design from the 1800s.

Black steel French doors are a must, of course but maybe you can update a basic iron French door into a bi-fold or accordion door. A unique twist never hurt anyone!

We’ve given you a lot to work with but remember that nobody can stop you from mixing and matching all these styles for the one that feels right to you. That’s why we provide a whole range of designs, including pocket steel doors, sliding steel doors as well as custom steel doors!


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