Quality Iron Doors and Windows in Meridian, Idaho

Initially known as Hunter, Meridian gained its name for being on the Boise Meridian. The area was productive farming land, soon being used heavily for cultivation. The settlers initially depended on the region for irrigation, which proved inadequate with the site having much more potential. This led to a need for irrigation, requiring a patent from the US Land Office. Nampa-Meridian and Settlers irrigation districts were then established, which continue to serve till today.

Thus, the fruit growing, packing, and shipping industry would explode in popularity in the region with its many apiaries. Soon followed the dairy days, with a creamery being established that led to many dairy-focused ventures around the area.


Scenic view of Meridian, Idaho.


In 2021, Meridian is a city of its own, carrying on its old traditions in the form of Dairy Days of some sorts each year, along with the same agribusiness that brought it to success. In addition, the area has all the modern amenities one could desire, ranging from schools, hotels, residential and industrial complexes. It’s a proper residential town with families having lived in the area for generations on now.

Despite all of this development over several decades, the area hasn't lost its idyllic, small-town charm and hospitality regardless of all the business and development in the region. All of this makes Meridian a familiar spot for tourists and visitors in the state, taking time to bask in all of the wonders the area has to offer. So, it's no surprise that the region is consistently on lists for recommended tourist locations and cities to visit.

Meridian's locals are cautious about their town's reputation and have maintained a strong sense of community that you can see through its housing and architecture. It's an ensemble of the past and the present, taking cues from nature while taking on modern trends. For example, at Pinky's Iron Doors, we provide custom steel, iron doors, and windows suited for the weather and usage in the region. Meridian settlers can benefit from making the right changes to their properties to fetch reasonable prices for their well-maintained properties.

We provide nationwide delivery services on our products, making it easier than ever for the locals to access our collection of iron doors, windows, and other accessories.

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