Quick and Easy Tips to Make Your Glass Panel Doors Stand Out


Glass panes have found their way into practically every part of our homes and workplaces, whether they’re patio doors or sliding steel doors. And while these glistening glass portals bring elegance to homes, keep them clean can be a laborious task.

However, this shouldn’t be too hard if you use the right tools and techniques. To makes things easier for you, we’ve broken down the what, when, and how of achieving sparkling glass panels on your sleek steel doors:

What to Clean with

There are several simple items you can use to clean glass panels, most of which you’ll find in your home:

DIY Glass Cleaner

Homemade treatments are often the most efficient, most cost-effective, and free of potentially harmful chemicals. To make your own glass cleaner, combine a tablespoon of vinegar with one cup rubbing alcohol and a cup of water and stir well. White vinegar and isopropyl alcohol form a spray glass and window cleaner that evaporates quickly and rivals commercial products.

Squeegees for a Streak-Free Surface

Squeegees are arguably the best cleaning tool for glass panels. You might notice residue on your glass after wiping it clean with a rag. And while you can always go for a second wipe, re-wiping runs the risk of streaks and stains. Squeegees, on the other hand, make it simpler to clean the glass panels and get a spotless result.

T-Shirts Over Towels

While we strongly recommend squeegees, they are not the only tool available. You can use old cotton t-shirts to clean your windows since they are absorbent and lint-free. This is a good way of saving money on housekeeping supplies, since you don't have to buy new washcloths every time.

Cotton Swabs for Corners

Do the edges of your glass panels seem to always have residue, even after several attempts at getting it out? Without the proper tools, that leftover residue can be tough to remove. Luckily, cotton swabs are just the right size to clean those hard-to-reach spots in your glass panel doors.



When to: Cloudy Days

Make the most of overcast days by cleaning the glass panels on your steel doors. The sun's rays do help you see all the residues, stains, and streaks on the glass. However, the sun’s heat can dry up the washing fluid prematurely, resulting in visible streaks.

Since the cleaning solution isn't diluted by the sun, it stays on the panels until you wash it off, leaving you with a sparkling glass door!

How to: From Top to Bottom

As a general rule for cleaning, start from the top and work your way down. This technique allows the cleaning solution to trickle all the way down to the bottom of the panel, making sure you don’t waste cleaning supplies. To ensure streak-free glass panels, begin by wiping or lightly rubbing from the top down.

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