Replace Dull Interior Doors with These Modern French Doors by Pinky’s Iron Doors

 French doors in a modern setting

If you’re thinking of revamping your interior by adding Pinky’s iron doors, we would highly recommend French doors and windows for a whole lot of reasons:

They Bring Light in

French doors in a modern setting

One of the biggest benefits of having French Doors installed near your kitchens or gardens is that the glass in these doors makes it easier for the light to pile in and make your interior pop. Even if your interior isn’t naturally dull, it can sometimes look dull due to the lack of natural light. Natural light does not only help to make your indoor spaces appear bright and attractive, but it also helps you reduce utility costs since you won’t be as dependent on artificial light.

The Modern Touch

While wooden doors are still popular, steel and iron doors are more so, and for one basic reason: they look modern. The minimalistic, metallic design has slowly crept its way into the chic modern interiors of today, and it is easy to see why this variety is so popular. It looks sleek, polished, and timeless. Unlike generic white French doors, which are so commonly found in most homes, these doors and windows bring something absolutely new to the table.

In that sense, they are revolutionary and different, especially for people who want to grow out of the boring, old-grandma interiors and add a zing of modernity to their houses. French doors, in brown or black, with a metallic sheen and feel, will do just that. It’s like combining something old with something refreshingly new—and that does the trick!

Rounded Windows

While a lot of French doors and windows are angular, it wouldn’t hurt to explore more options and opt for a more rounded variety. This allows you to play with panes and try different styles, as well as make your home look like it’s from a Boho chic interior magazine. Arches and rounded windows work very well in bigger homes that have large and mostly empty indoor spaces. They bring a grandiosity you can’t easily find elsewhere.

Go Dark

If your interior is an all-white, modernist-chic version, you should think about options other than white French doors. We’ve already mentioned how these doors tend to be all-white since that’s what’s in vogue, but we truly believe that your interior will stand out more if you opt for a dark-colored option. White on white, if not broken down by color, will only look bland and uninspiring. On the other hand, something like black French doors and windows in a white interior will immediately grab attention and make the whole room stand out as it should.

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