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Bounded by mountains on the East and Pennyrile to the West, Kentucky is one of the most amazing states in the US. There are many breathtaking views, panoramic sceneries, as well as urban streets showcasing the true colors of Kentucky.

Among many eye-catching and noteworthy aspects, Kentucky has one more quality that sets it apart from the other regions: beautiful houses. Known for its beautifully preserved historic buildings and newly-built, modern infrastructure sites, Kentucky has a lot of real estate character.

Pinky’s Iron Doors provides well-designed and quality iron doors across the country. There are many customers in Kentucky that have been satisfied by our products and services. Whether you’re planning a home remodeling project or a simple addition, we recommend you choose iron doors in Kentucky.

What’s the Iron Door Hype All About?

In the last two years, when the housing prices sky-rocketed and people started investing in home remodeling projects, iron doors gained a lot of traction in Kentucky. And believe us when we say that this traction was for all the right reasons.


Iron doors are not only versatile in terms of design and style features, they also offer a less expensive yet very luxurious alternative to traditional wooden doors. Pinky’s Iron Doors is a leading iron door manufacturer with a team of expert designers and door installers. Our wide range of iron door designs includes French doors, Dutch doors, sliding doors, pocket doors, pivot doors, and many others!

Are Steel Doors Worth Your Dollars?

In addition to iron doors, steel doors in Kentucky have also become a ragingly popular home feature. There are several urban property and commercial unit owners trying to reduce their carbon footprint without compromising the aesthetic value of their homes.

And this is where chic steel doors are helping them. Pinky’s Iron Doors creates steel doors from the finest material and features. From glass inserts to the entire frame, we ensure top-notch quality and functionality. You can choose from our wide range of steel doors, including steel patio doors and passage doors, to give your home an instant, pocket-friendly makeover!

The Space-Saving Benefits of Iron and Steel Doors

Among many benefits like energy efficiency, functionality, and design options, there’s one more advantage of installing iron and steel doors: space optimization. With housing prices touching the roof, not everyone can afford a large mansion right now.

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t create a beautiful interior in your studio apartment or one-unit house! Pinky’s Iron Doors brings you a stunning range of steel and custom iron doors in the US. Our doors are excellent at optimizing space and de-cluttering home interiors. Pair them with ceramic or metallic planters, put up sheer curtains, or hang a chime on the top. The possibilities to decorate and enjoy your new iron and steel door installations will be truly endless.

Thermally Broken Iron Doors for Colder Times

Kentucky can be very cold and chilly during the winters. And this is why homeowners need to pay close attention to energy-saving techniques. With so many Energy Star-rated products and appliances now available in the market, you can easily cut down energy bills. However, there’s one more feature that can help you conserve energy.

Iron and steel doors available at Pinky’s Iron Doors are energy-efficient fully customizable. You can also invest in our cutting-edge thermally broken iron doors in Kentucky. Our cold-weather doors are excellent at making homes energy-friendly and warmer during cold days.

Give Your Patio a Kick with a Beautiful French Steel Door

In addition to creating a beautiful entrance with modern iron doors and a sublime interior with steel interior doors, you can also enhance your home’s curb appeal with patio doors.

A patio or yard is akin to a private pick-me-up area. Therefore, it should be cozy, stylish, and attractive. What’s more, your patio must also exude an inviting charm. This helps in making guests feel at home during outdoor dinners, barbeque parties, and hangouts.

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, you can buy stunning patio doors to liven up your outdoor space. There are many other additions that can complement iron or steel patio doors. These include simple, low-key patio furniture, fresh plants, pastel colored walls, and maybe, a pergola. You can also reinstate French vibes into the space by opting for a classic French patio door.

More About Pinky’s Iron Doors and Their Products in the US

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, you can buy flat, arched, or multiple glass-paneled iron and steel doors made with the best quality raw material. Our team of professional designers, home remodeling consultants, and installation experts can simplify your iron door buying process in Kentucky.

What’s more, we offer a complete range of custom iron doors to help your property achieve a classic, contemporary home interior.

You can also opt for one of our striking iron doors in Kentucky with sidelights and transoms. As one of the best products in the USA, our products and services have been a true depiction of our industry experience and competence.

In addition to deluxe modern iron doors in Kentucky, we also offer pocket doors, sliding doors, patio doors, passage doors, and pivot doors. Don’t forget to check out our discounted iron and steel doors here.

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