Steel Room Dividers to Boost Open-Plan Spaces in Columbus: Pinky’s Iron Doors

Have you considered our steel room dividers with glass for your open-plan homes in Columbus? Check them out.

Open-plan living spaces are the cornerstone of a modern lifestyle. In this prolonged period of social isolation, people have realized that the company of loved ones means everything. That’s why families no longer want to be segregated in different rooms because it increases the sense of isolation and loneliness.

Open-plan homes are attracting residents in Columbus for this very reason. And our steel room dividers with glass are the perfect solution to make it happen. Let’s look at what customized steel room dividers offer for your home.

 Visual Expanse

Walled rooms with opaque barriers restrict the visual space. Your eye can see only as far as the wall and nothing beyond that. This disrupts a seamless transition between rooms and makes the area appear smaller. Installing interior metal doors with glass allow your vision to permeate the glass barriers and see the entire space in one look. The visual expanse exalts the perception of space and allows your home to enjoy a vastness without expanding the floor covered.

Better Style

If buying a new home in Columbus is a feat, setting it up is the next big milestone. Furnishing your Columbus home is not just financially stressful but also demands you to think over every ottoman or console table. Compromising on style is not an option and shouldn’t be either. We understand that, and you'll see that reflected in all our black metal and glass interior doors that serve as steel room dividers. They are a statement of class and can be customized according to your theme.

But you know the best part? The clear glass allows you to see through and requires fewer furniture pieces to furnish the visual space creatively and smartly. You don't need to stuff every corner with a table or stool; the glass-paneled steep interior doors allow for unified open-plan home décor.


Minimalism is another word for modern home décor. Homeowners want to infuse their living space with style, not abundance. And that leaves them with fewer options to choose from for their interiors. Our black steel room dividers offer the perfect solution for that.

They’re minimalist and modern, serve the purpose of an open-plan home effectively. You don’t need to do much to give your house a one-unit, cozy feel that keeps everyone together in one space. Install our steel room dividers with glass in your Columbus home and feel the difference.

There’s a lot more you can shop for at our online shop for your Columbus home! We’re also delivering modern iron doors, iron French doors, double iron doors, and steel windows and doors to Columbus. Don’t forget to check out the discount iron doors in our clearance section.

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