The 5 Biggest Interior Design Mistakes People Make

Every house you visit leaves you with a different emotion; some make you feel alive, while others feel suffocating. The best ones make you feel like you’re living a dream.

But if you take a step back, you’ll realize that while the architecture and the exterior of these spaces do matter, it’s the way their interiors are designed that makes all the difference.

So if you want to achieve that dream aesthetic, making your home look put-together and tasteful, make sure you don’t repeat these interior design mistakes.

Using Rugs That Don’t Fit The Design

Rugs are accent elements in home design. They either bring a splash of color to the space, or serve to tone down ‘noise,’ depending on the theme you’re going for.

Keeping that in mind, it’s important to use rugs to bring out the best in the style you’re going for. For instance, very small rugs make a space look unfinished and incomplete if it’s going for a modern theme.

So before you go rug shopping, make sure to draw the room on paper and envision what size the rug should be.

Clutter—Don’t Fill Up Your Space

The 5 Biggest Interior Design Mistakes People Make

Filling up every empty corner in a room makes the space look cluttered, small, and cramped.

A better idea for displaying your favorite items is to group them together on a shelf. For a sophisticated touch, stack some books and a small plant together. Add a tiny candle to the mix and put it near a mirror to round off the aesthetic.

Fitting The Sofa With The Wall

Sofas that are in the center of the room create the illusion of space by giving the eye something to look at beyond the sitting area.

When the sofas are pushed right against the wall, your vision will meet a dead-end, making the room look smaller.

If you have a smaller place and you want to maximize space, make sure to get neat furniture and keep it as far away from the walls as the available space allows you to.

Another great idea to make a room look bigger is to put up mirrors on the walls, as they tend to bounce light around the room, making it appear brighter and bigger.

Using Tiny Coffee Tables

Here’s a fun fact: even though those cute little coffee tables look super stylish when you check them out at a showroom, if they are too small to reach from where you’ve placed your sofa, they might make your living room look ‘stingy.’

When you’re buying a coffee table, make sure to get one that is at least half the size of your settee, and place it within 500 millimeters from the sofa.

Using The Wrong Internal Doors

Doors are an important and necessary part of interior design, because the wrong one can throw off the entire look of your home.

But here’s something to keep in mind: doors are a long-term investment. So it’s a good idea to get a design that complements almost all interior design themes.

So instead of looking for particular designs, it’s smarter to look for neutral and functional doors that do multiple jobs, like bringing in natural light and a sense of flow.

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