See The Most Popular Colors For Our Luxury Wrought Iron Door In 2019

If you're contemplating on buying a luxury wrought iron door, aesthetics and color are important aspects to consider before locking in on the right purchase.

The right texture and color make's a statement for a homeowners particular style and taste, certain colors complement various home styles and architecture better than others . At Pinky's Iron Doors we want to make sure the process of choosing a color for a new wrought iron door is simple, effective and catered for a homeowners unique style.

We don't only provide a vast selection of high quality wrought iron doors, we also have a great selection of door color samples that can be shipped straight to your doorstep. These are the color options we have available for only the best luxury wrought iron door's in the industry.


Our newest paint finish, Pewter, is another finish that we feel is going to be a great compliment to a modern style home. With a sage like color tone, this paint finish is light enough to contrast darker tone finishes such as black very well.


Our Oil Rubbed Bronze finish is a dark coat with streaks of bronze. As our most popular finish, most of our stock selection will be in this Oil Rubbed Bronze finish (with the exception of a couple of our AIR Collection doors). It is a classic finish goes well in a number of different applications, including Spanish or Mediterranean style homes.


Need more bronze in your life? Our Heavy Bronze finish uses the same technique as our Oil Rubbed Bronze, but just like the name suggests, it is more bronze than bronze. This finish will give you a lighter, more vibrant color scheme than our Oil Rubbed Bronze finish. If your looking to make a bright, bold statement, check out our Heavy Bronze finish, available for customer order on any of our Pinky's Iron Door designs, today.


Our Black finish is standard on our stock Air 4, Air 5, and Air 19 iron door designs. Pairing nicely with industrial style homes and projects, our Black comes in a simple Matte finish, and can be custom ordered with any of our iron door designs via custom order.


Our Silver Pewter finish is a light grey color with tonal streaks throughout the paint. This finish offers a clean and modern look to a lighter colored home, and adds a pop of contrast when used to offset darker finishes throughout a home. Available for custom order on any of our iron door designs.

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