The Two Most Popular Metal Doors of the Year: Iron and Steel Doors

Iron and steel doors can actually be defined in just three words: versatile, beautiful, and everyone’s favorite!

These two types of metal doors have won millions of homeowners’ hearts across the US and are continuing to do so at a rapid pace. And a major fueling party in this raging success is Pinky’s Iron Doors. We have been offering cutting-edge, sleek iron and steel doors for over 52 years. However, the recent, escalated demand for our products has been impeccable.

Iron and steel doors are compatible with all kinds of home interior and exterior appeals, and that’s what makes them a highly sought-after home addition. At Pinky’s Iron Doors, you can choose from a wide range of iron and steel doors for your home. Continue reading this blog to learn all the factors that significantly affect our products’ success.

Class and Grace

Iron and steel doors bring a whole lot of grace to residential properties. They’re functional and highly aesthetic. Some of our best-selling iron door designs like pivot doors, bi-fold accordion, and arched iron doors have become industry-leading products.

In addition, different types of steel door designs like sliding steel doors and pocket steel doors are now a popular choice for homeowners who want something simple, elegant, and modern.


The latest home interior designs are based on open floor layouts and de-cluttered spaces. This is where iron and steel doors have played a major role. Homeowners are opting for modern iron and steel doors like pivot doors, sliding doors, and barn doors to create sophisticated, open spaces.

Iron and steel doors are also very popular for improving ventilation and natural light flows inside home interiors. Coupled with clear or frosted glass panels, our iron and steel doors can create a refreshing and bright interior without overpowering the space with a rich metallic vibe.

Pinky’s Iron Doors Bring a Holistic Range of Iron and Steel Doors, Making It Easier For Your to Pick and Choose Your Favorite!

Another highly beneficial aspect of choosing an iron or steel door for your home is the availability of multiple design options. For example, at Pinky’s Iron Doors, our range consists of several iron and steel doors, further subdivided into various series.

Our customers love the Air 4, Air 5, Air 8, and Air 19 series that offer single, double, flat-top, and arched-top iron doors. In contrast, our steel interior door range is full of surprises too! Intrigued? Check it out today!

Buy Awesome Steel and Iron Doors in the US Now!

Pinky’s Iron Doors has been offering cutting-edge steel doors across the US for more than 42 years! We have a vast collection of classic iron doors and sleek steel doors that can give any style, kind, and type of home an instant facelift.

Learn more about us here or buy an iron or steel door in Mississippi now. For more details, call us at (844) 843-6677.

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