The Ultimate Guide to Designing an Aesthetically Pleasing and Practical Workstation at Home

The Ultimate Guide to Designing an Aesthetically Pleasing and Practical Workstation at Home

While lockdown restrictions have eased across the large majority of U.S. states, many people are still continuing to work from home.

In fact, most Google and Facebook employees are expected to return to the office in 2021!

If you’ve been making do with a non-ergonomic and uninspiring workstation, it may be time to get your creative juices flowing. Not only can a bleak workspace reduce productivity, but it can also make you feel less energized throughout the day.

We’ve rounded up the ultimate guide to designing an aesthetically pleasing and practical workstation at home.

Take some notes so you can spruce up your home office this weekend!

1. Prioritize Comfort Without Sidelining Creativity

If you’ve noticed an increase in back and neck pain, stiffness, and soreness, your workspace may be to blame. Prioritizing comfort is the first rule for creating a productive and enlivening workstation.

Opt for an ergonomic home office chair that provides adequate support to your lower back. Of course, make sure it looks good too! Indulge in refreshing colors like maple brown, deep teal, soft yellow, or white.

Don’t forget to imbue the space with creativity by hanging dynamic artwork. Add a touch of summery warmth to your workstation by investing in modern lamps that emanate a soft glow.

If you’re willing to go the extra mile, install eye-catching shelves and fill them with work-related memorabilia or accessories. The simple yet transformative touch will help your space come together beautifully.

2. Indulge in Pocket Steel Doors to Get Some Much-Needed Privacy


Contemporary pocket steel doors have surged in popularity during the lockdown and we’re not complaining one bit. The gorgeous black steel doors cleverly section off spaces to enhance privacy.

The best part? They don’t compromise on aesthetic appeal in the least.

If you’re a family of four, five, or six (are you hanging in there okay?), we’re sure you’ve been struggling to get some much-needed privacy. Installing a pair of pocket steel doors is a great way to rid your space of distractions and focus on your work.

We also suggest looking into steel sliding doors or room dividers to achieve the same effect in smaller spaces.

3. Add a Touch of Personality to Your Space!

The Ultimate Guide to Designing an Aesthetically Pleasing and Practical Workstation at Home

If an idle brain is the devil’s workshop, a bleak space is procrastination’s playground.

If your workstation isn’t decked out in your favorite design and décor, it’s very likely that you’ll struggle to stay on track as the day progresses.

Add some vigor and exuberance to your home office by indulging in pastel flowers, patterned furnishings and artwork, and chic candles that remind you of your last vacation.

4. Ensure Optimal Structure

While you may have perfected design and décor, overlooking the importance of structure can instantly make your space appear bulky, overwhelming, and undone.

Organize your furnishings, home office chair, computer, and accessories in a way that leaves you with sufficient working space. We also suggest making sure your computer screen is at eye level. This is a great way to prevent stooping or unnecessarily raising your neck, which can cause physical fatigue.

In addition, invest in a high-quality home office steel door that structurally balances your space. Opt for classic colors like black, oil rubbed bronze, heavy bronze, pewter, or silver pewter.

5. A Minimalist at Heart? Feel Free to Opt for Crisp Cream Tones

The Ultimate Guide to Designing an Aesthetically Pleasing and Practical Workstation at Home

If you can’t help but bathe every interior space in fresh, modern, and minimalist colors, we don’t blame you! An uncomplicated space can help you unwind and start the day anew.

To prevent making the space appear dull, add fresh bursts of color. Whether you indulge in a walnut-colored keyboard mat or select a refreshing wallpaper for your computer, the soft colors will add much-needed zest to your workstation.

Contemporize the space by installing a pair of steel French doors that do the makeover justice!

Spruce up your workstation by browsing through our collection of high-quality, affordable, and practical steel and iron doors. Our collection includes factory-style steel doors and iron glass doors, among many others.

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