Upcoming Fall Home Décor Trends You Can Try Using Iron Patio Doors in New Mexico


As fall approaches, the air becomes cooler, the trees starts shedding their leaves, and the atmosphere becomes festive. We’re now inching towards the happier months of the year as we don warm clothes and sip on hot beverages.

You can also transform your home décor to capture the feeling of fall. Add pieces around the house that represent the essence of the season. Use autumn shades such as burgundy, orange, and pale green in abundance to get your house ready for the following months.

The one area of your house that can be transformed to match the seasonal festivity is your patio. Using an appropriate iron door, you can add these upcoming fall home décor trends to your patio.

Decorate the Dutch Doors

Dutch doors are divided into two sections: the upper and the lower section. Both can operate independently and can be opened or closed separately. You can add a wreath with fall colors to the upper section to give it a festive look.

If you want to keep the lower section permanently locked, you can also keep a plushy piece of furniture or a jack-o-lantern in front of it.

Enhance the French Doors

French doors have an exquisite and timeless appeal to them. They’re a great way to fill up a wall and allow natural lighting indoors. But when used as a patio door, it’s even prettier. If your patio is decorated with fall-themed home décor, you can get a good view of it from inside through a French door.

From the side that opens in the patio, you can also line the frame of the French door with warm-colored fairy lights or dry decorations. You can also add festive lanterns and decoration pieces on the sides of the door to further decorate your patio.

Add Embellishments to Your Sliding Doors and Pocket Doors

If you have a sliding door in your patio, you can put decorative pieces in front of it without worrying about the door’s radius. These decorative pieces can include plushy cushions, durable beanbags, plants, floor lights, etc. You can also add embellishments to the section of the door that remains on top. These embellishments can include wreaths, artificial flower, fairy lights, etc.

Pocket doors can have similar decorations—especially with its smooth sliding mechanism.


Get the Best Iron Patio Doors from Pinky’s Iron Doors

Iron doors have an unmatched versatility and they can blend well with the rest of the décor of your patio. You can also decorate your iron patio doors to accentuate the festive feel of the season.

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