Want To Increase the Value of Your Home In Los Angeles? Add A Wrought Iron Door

First impressions can last a lifetime. When investing in your Los Angeles home, first impressions start at the doorstep. The best way to set the tone, add value and curb appeal to your home is to replace your old entry door with an elegant, unique and secure wrought iron entry door; which is especially true for Los Angeles locals.

Your home is your palace, as such, it deserves an entrance that screams elegance, prestige and world craftsmanship. Wrought iron doors are a symbol of luxury and security, they not only visually enhance the appearance of your home but also add to its overall value in an affordable and economical way.

Choosing the right custom or luxury iron door guarantees the highest return on your investment in the Los Angeles real estate market, and can be as valuable as any other investment in your home. Wrought iron doors provide durability, security and an overall impressive look that ropes in home buyers to spend more and see higher value in a well-equipped home. 


Here Are The Main Ways A Wrought Iron Door Will Increase The Value Of Your Home

Elegance & Visual Appearance

At the heart of any iron door is the design itself. It's what attracts the attention of all your guests; the character that gives your home or business life. You want this centerpiece to tell a story, Pinky’s Iron Doors’ success for the past forty-one years has been dependent on our attention to detail, customer service, and experience in the industry that is unmatched.

As the focal point of a home, installing a custom wrought iron door is the best way to add character and a sense of luxuriousness to your home. Quality of a home is first and foremost based on the aesthetic aspects of a home.

Adding a luxurious wrought iron door is an economic way to build up the ambiance and resale value of a home. As the focal point of most homes, the first impression of a home with a secure and elegant wrought iron door motivates appraisers or home buyers to see the true value of a home.

High Rate Of Return On Home Value

Buying and installing a wrought iron door to your home not only adds a sense of security and luxury, but it’s also a smart economic investment. Homeowners fear they will not recoup investments on their home, it’s hard to know which home renovation investments are the most intelligent.

Adding a wrought iron door is the most affordable and economical decision when thinking about adding value to a home long term. A Remodeling Magazine’s study on Cost vs. value revealed that a wrought iron door would give you the highest ROI, more than any other investment in your home.

Their durability, security and stunning look will outlast less sturdy front door options. Those cheaper more mundane front door options are susceptible to degradation and breakage. Long term, a wrought iron door will last a lifetime. It’s smarter to think about your rate of return in the long game, rather than spending unnecessary funds on repairs or replacements in the future with less durable and aesthetically underwhelming entry doors.

Iron Doors Are The Most Secure

Security is a top factor when considering the value of a home. Wrought iron doors are not only elegant and prestigious, but they also discourage unwanted visitors or thieves from invading a home, acting as a supporting barrier giving your home the highest security.

They are specifically designed with security in mind, from latches to locks, hinges to hardware. Made from a high grade of steel measured by gauge, wrought iron doors are highly durable. Unlike pure iron doors, continuous exposure to the elements, extreme temperatures, and pressure are better withstood as wrought iron doors are infused with steel.

Their longevity is second to none. A wrought iron door is an excellent investment to increase the security and value of your home as they can last for longer than the lifetime of the home and innately hold a high value on their own.

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