Want to Raise the Value of Your Seattle Home? Invest in Thermally Broken Iron Doors

Even if you aren’t thinking of selling your Seattle home right away, it’s a good idea to keep up with potential upgrades to increase its value in the future. This way, once you’re ready to put it on the market, you can attract more buyers and sell your home for a higher price.

Now, there are numerous ways to raise the value of a home. You can upgrade the appliances, renovate the bathroom, and invest in quality lighting. However, exterior improvements might be an even better idea, as they are the first thing potential buyers will see. And you know what they say about first impressions!

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Few external upgrades are as effective as revamping the home’s entrance while primarily focusing on its centerpiece – the front entry doors. Investing in thermally broken iron doors is one of the best ways to make a killer impression from the get-go – or from the door threshold, to be precise.

Keep reading to learn why thermal break iron doors are the way to go for Seattle homeowners who want to add value and curb appeal to their residences.

Thermally Broken Doors 101

Before discussing how a thermally broken iron door can raise your home’s value, let’s cover the basics. This is especially important as the term “broken” typically implies a negative connotation. So, what are thermally broken doors?

First things first – there’s nothing to worry about, as the term “broken” in this case doesn’t imply any damage or weakness. In fact, thermally broken doors are designed to be more durable than “regular” doors.

You see, these doors use thermal break technology, a relatively new invention that allows manufacturers to split the door frame in two. Then, thermal breaks can be inserted between the two halves of the frame. But what are these thermal breaks and why insert them?

A thermal break refers to a low-conductive material (e.g., polyamide) whose primary goal is to provide additional insulation, thus stopping the cold or heat transfer. The low conductivity of the thermal break material is a key factor here, as most metals have a high thermal conductivity level. In other words, they easily transfer heat (and cold), making your home more susceptible to temperature fluctuations.

Now, iron has numerous benefits as a door material. However, it also has a relatively high thermal conductivity compared to other materials commonly used for doors. So, by choosing thermally broken iron doors, you get all the durability and strength of iron without sacrificing energy efficiency.

Of course, you don’t have to stop at only the front entry doors. Invest in interior doors using the thermal break technology, and you’ll boost your home’s comfort and energy efficiency beyond compare. Thermally broken interior doors will help maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature between rooms, reducing the load on the heating and cooling systems. And let’s not forget how pleasant your house tour will be to potential buyers in the future!

How Does a Thermally Broken Door Raise the Value of Your Seattle Home?

OK, we’ve got one question out of the way – how does a thermal break work? But this just raises another, more important question – how can a thermal break in your doors help raise the value of your Seattle home?

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Now, a piece of low-conductive material inserted between the two halves of a door frame might seem like a slight change. But the truth is that a thermal break makes all the difference. It instantly attracts buyers who are conscious of their energy savings, security, and durability. That’s not to mention the aesthetic appeal of entry iron doors, which have become synonymous with luxury and sophistication.

Let’s have a closer look at these characteristics of thermally broken iron doors that will motivate potential buyers to choose your Seattle home and pay more for it.

Unparalleled Energy Efficiency

Since the primary goal of a thermally broken door is to prevent heat loss, it shouldn’t be surprising that energy efficiency is the No. 1 selling point for this type of door. And given how important energy efficiency is to today’s buyers, a thermal break can also be one of the main selling points for your Seattle home.

Now, to be fair, Seattle isn’t exactly known for extreme weather conditions or a particularly cold climate. Still, the summers can get quite warm, while the winter temperature can easily dip down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit at night. In other words, Seattle homes will greatly benefit from a thermally broken door that will help keep them comfortable year-round, regardless of the outside temperature.

Of course, year-round comfort is just one of the direct benefits of a thermally broken iron door. The other two—money savings and a reduced carbon footprint—are what primarily draw in the more earth-conscious and budget-minded buyers.

Since there’s no cold or heat loss, your HVAC system won’t have to work overtime to cool the house during hot weather or warm it up when the cold weather hits.  This means that your energy bills will be significantly lower, which potential buyers love. However, it also means your home will use fewer fossil fuels to maintain a comfortable temperature, reducing its overall carbon footprint.

So, thanks to a wrought iron door with a thermal break, you get to protect three things – your home’s safety, your wallet, and, more importantly, the planet.

Superior Durability

A home is a major investment for any individual. It’s probably one of the (if not the) top investments people make throughout their entire life.  With this in mind, it shouldn’t be surprising that home buyers prioritize longevity and durability when looking for a new home.

Luckily for you, longevity and durability are precisely what you get when investing in a new iron door, especially one with a thermal break.

The iron and the thermal break material make up for an incredible combination that can outlast most traditional door options. In fact, under the right conditions, thermally broken wrought iron doors can last you a lifetime. This means that these doors hold an innate value that’s separate from the rest of the home, making them that much more desirable.

But what makes thermally broken doors so durable?

The answer is simple – it’s all about resisting the harsh weather, which is something few other doors excel in. In contrast, the iron construction and the built-in weather-resistant components make a thermally broken door substantially less susceptible to degradation and breakage. And if these doors can withstand extreme temperatures with no issues, what’s everyday wear and tear for them?

Supreme Security

There’s no doubt about it – security is a top priority when considering the value of a home. After all, no one wants to live in a home that looks unsafe or vulnerable to break-ins.

PINKYS Woodward Deadbolt lock set

Of course, this security starts with the entry doors.

Due to their unique design and imposing appearance, iron doors aren’t just more aesthetically pleasing than other doors. They also appear more secure. This can easily discourage any unwanted visitors from targeting your Seattle home.

But it gets even better.

Though iron doors are incredibly sturdy in and of themselves, adding a thermal break makes them even stronger. How? By making the doors thicker.

A thermal break can add roughly 1/8 inch of thickness to iron doors, making them significantly stronger. This, in turn, boosts the door’s impenetrability, bolstering the overall security of any home. Talk about a match made in heaven!

Timeless Aesthetic Appeal

No one can deny the importance of functionality when it comes to a new home. You want that home to be secure, durable, and energy-efficient so that it can serve you (and your family) for decades to come. But prioritizing functionality doesn’t mean disregarding aesthetics altogether. A home can be both functional and visually stunning. And spoiler alert – those are the homes that sell the best!

As always, a thermally broken iron door has no trouble keeping up. This door combines the best of both worlds – it’s highly functional yet undeniably beautiful.

Iron doors will undoubtedly attract the attention of all your visitors, potential buyers included. These doors boast a unique look that adds lots of character (and curb appeal) to any property and brings the wow factor from the get-go.  

Now you might wonder – must all thermally broken iron doors be large and bulky? The answer is a resounding “no.” Though a thermal break adds thickness to the doors, it in no way dictates their size or design. Just take PINKYS’s AIR 4 single flat doors as an example. There’s nothing bulky about these minimalist doors, yet they possess all the impressive capabilities made possible by the built-in thermal break.  

The truth is that installing a thermal break only changes the manufacturing process (it makes it more challenging). It has nothing to do with the aesthetic appeal of the thermally broken iron doors.

single opening steel door with 3 tempered glass panes held by dividers for Patio or entry door - PINKYS

Luxury Personified

We’re well aware that a luxurious appearance falls under the category of aesthetic appeal. However, thermally broken iron doors scream luxury like virtually no other doors, so a separate section is more than justified.

The math is simple – the more luxurious your home looks, the more money potential buyers will be willing to pay. This is great news for anyone interested in raising the home value through a new door, as iron doors are virtually a symbol of luxury. These doors simply ooze elegance, prestige, and world-class craftsmanship, making them a must-have for style-conscious homeowners.

While even simpler models will get the point across, nothing can compare to the exquisite appearance and the long-lasting impression more intricate designs have.

Take PINKYS’s BEVERLY model with sidelights design as an example. This model will undoubtedly bring the opulence and grandeur of Beverly Hills straight to your Seattle home’s doorstep. This luxurious iron door features a fascinating fluid pattern that makes it an undeniable statement piece.  

A “statement piece” is precisely how the AIR 9 double doors can be best described. But this time, the focus is on a more modern look and straight, clean lines. However, one thing remains the same – these doors are also luxury personified.  

Other Benefits of Thermally Broken Iron Doors

By now, it’s evident that installing a thermally broken door will help boost the value of your Seattle home by a margin. However, installing these doors is the right move, even if you have no intentions of ever selling your home. Why? The benefits that come with these doors are all the reasons you need to make this move.

Bid Farewell to Noise

As it's a large city, Seattle can be understandably noisy at times. However, for many homeowners, the word “noisy” is quite an understatement. Whether it’s the out-of-control construction noise, the piercing music blaring from local bars, or the never-ending car horns, many Seattle residents are chronically exposed to high noise levels.

Fortunately, thermally broken iron doors can help with this.

How? The answer is simple – they’re thicker than regular doors. As mentioned, this increased thickness makes your doors more secure. However, it also helps them prevent excessive noise from entering your home and disturbing your peace.

This incredible noise reduction feature will be a lifesaver for anyone living in (or near) a highly populated area plagued with constant noise.

No Condensation Issues in Sight

The wetter season in Seattle lasts almost seven months, from October 9 to April 29. During this season, there’s a 33% chance that any given day will be a wet day. If you aren’t a fan of the rain, this data probably irks you on its own. But you’ll probably dislike it even more after finding out that moisture can significantly impact the durability of your entry doors over time.

And that’s not all. Condensation forming on the inner side of your doors can potentially lead to water damage within your home. Even worse, it can seriously impact your (and your family’s) health. How?

Well, excessive moisture leads to the growth of mold and mildew, which trigger a range of health issues. From itchy eyes and runny noses to severe allergies and respiratory issues, these dangerous growths can bring nothing good.

Luckily, thermally broken iron doors can help prevent this worst-case scenario. By maintaining a consistent temperature on both sides of the doors, the thermal break reduces the likelihood of condensation ever forming. And no condensation means no excessive moisture, water damage, or health issues, and one happy Seattle homeowner!

Why Choose PINKYS Thermally Broken Iron Doors?

Now that you know why thermally broken iron doors are a must-have for virtually any Seattle homeowner, there’s only one question left – where can you buy them? This question, too, has a simple answer – PINKYS.

PINKYS is a California-based door manufacturer that ships its doors of the highest quality nationwide. But why go with PINKYS thermally broken doors?

Custom Iron Doors in a Few Steps

Even if you go with PINKYS universal iron doors, the exterior (and interior) of your Seattle home will look stunning. But customize these doors to your liking, and they will become a truly unique masterpiece.

Best of all? Ordering custom doors from PINKYS is a breeze. All you need to do is enter some basic information and our team will get back to you as soon as possible to turn your dream into a reality.

But even if you don’t want to fully customize your iron doors, you still have plenty of options to choose from. For instance, you can choose the color, the size, and the type of glass. This allows you to invest in doors that perfectly match your needs and fit into your Seattle home’s aesthetic.

Choices, Choices, Choices

At PINKYS, we’re all about choices. So, besides being able to personalize your chosen iron doors, you’ll also be able to choose from a huge variety of models to begin with.

As mentioned, there are no design limits when it comes to thermally broken iron doors. So, PINKYS’s beautiful range should be able to wow any Seattle homeowner.

If you’re a fan of a more minimalist look with a twist, the AIR 5 full-arch double door might be the way to go. These simple yet stunning doors can blend into virtually any location, from your home’s entryway to your bedroom.

If, however, you prefer something bolder and a tad bit more dramatic, the BAILY double-arch doors are probably calling your name. With their fascinating geometric motifs and eye-catching shape, these doors will undoubtedly be the star of the show in your Seattle neighborhood.

Attention to Detail Like No Other

While they might differ in design, shape, and size, all our iron doors share the same quality – impeccable attention to detail. From the sturdy door jamb to the easy-to-install threshold, there isn’t a single element of subpar quality.

The same goes for every process the PINKYS team goes through, from manufacturing to shipping.

During manufacturing, a galvanizing spray is applied generously to the iron base to ensure greater protection against corrosion. Only then is it time for the primer and paint.

Similarly, every door is carefully packaged, wrapped in foam, and covered in cardboard before being shipped from Los Angeles to Seattle.

Iron and Glass Going Head-to-Head

By its very nature, iron is an incredibly strong and durable material. The same can’t be said for glass. Well, at least the type not manufactured by PINKYS.

At PINKYS, even glass panes demonstrate incredible strength and durability. These impressive characteristics primarily have to do with the glass’s thickness and layout.

So, even if you want to choose a door model that’s almost all glass, like the AIR LITE, you don’t have to worry about its durability and reliability.

Customer Service to Remember

PINKYS has existed (and has been massively successful) for over 45 years. You don’t get to this mind-blowing milestone without customer loyalty built on products of the highest quality and stellar customer service.

Even better, this customer service doesn’t stop at the point of sale. The PINKYS team will always be at your disposal to help with anything relating to all our iron doors and other products.

All-Around Excellence

A thermally broken iron door is a wonder in and of itself. However, when you purchase this door from a renowned manufacturer like PINKYS, the benefits just keep on coming. Whether these magnificent thermally broken doors will adorn the home you’ll live in forever or the one you intend to sell, one thing’s for sure – they’re a worthy investment.

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