What Does Your Front Door Say About Your Alabama Property?

Alabama is one of the most historic states in the US and is one of the best states to live in as an American to learn the culture and history of our country. The state is home to more than 2 million housing units and naturally, that means that there’s a wide range of architectural designs to see.


The design of your home says a lot about your style and personality. So, anything you do to customize it will be a representation of your style. The outdoor design of your house is even more important because it’s one of the first impressions of your house. So, window and front doors need to be carefully picked so they represent you, while also showing a glimpse of what the interior design is going to be like.  

Leaving a Lasting First Impression with Front Doors 

When designing the home, a lot of people overlook front door designs, which is a huge mistake. Front doors are vital for your home’s first impression and if they are not chosen accordingly, then they can have an adverse effect on your house’s aesthetic look. If you’re looking to live in your home then you must think carefully when choosing a design and it’s even more important when you want to sell it as it can attract potential buyers just by one look.

Choosing a Front Door

If this is the first time you’re in search of a front door for your home then you’re going to love iron doors. There are countless different styles of front doors you can choose from and every one of them is unique in its own way. You can choose from traditional iron doors, steel doors, French doors, Dutch doors, or even arched doors. Here’s an overview of what makes them unique from each and what they represent.


Iron Doors

Iron doors have always been the soul of homes across America, and they will fit in perfectly with your home in Alabama. If your house has freshly cut beautiful green grass and a class American front porch then you need iron doors to complement and enhance the look. The doors are a true representation of classic styles that can help you represent that to the people visiting your home.

They are crafted with skill, and you can see the detail on the surface of the doors. Black iron entry doors contrast perfectly with your brick pillars and can build on its already classic look. If you’re looking to enhance that classic look even more, use an Air 19 - Double Flat for its unique design.

French Doors

The first thing you’ll notice about French doors is their distinct thin frame that is divided into equal boxes. You can use French front doors in almost any setting, and it can enhance the look of that doorway. However, they look exceptionally amazing as front doors because they are elegant and stylish. The style pays homage to French architecture and showcases your deep love for classic architectural style. Always look for French door styles that suit your personality best.

Dutch Doors

Another typical European door design that’s become common in homes lately is the Dutch door design. Using Dutch iron doors for your front door is the perfect way to incorporate old-school design with a more modern look. It will showcase your preference for convenience without compromising the beauty, aesthetics, and style of your home.  

These doors provide fresh air without having to open your doors completely. Furthermore, with these Dutch doors, you don’t have to open your front door every time someone rings your doorbell. Just open the top half and speak to them without having your kids or pets running out.

Arched Doors

Even though almost every door style can be arched, we’re taking a look at iron doors that are front doors. People who are very particular about their designs mostly order customized arched iron doors and it can be said that those people have a unique eye for design that most people don’t. These doors offer an added flair to your entrance, and you can experiment with different sizes and designs. However, we usually recommend single arch doors but larger in size so you just have a big entrance to your beautiful home.

Beverly Style Front Doors

Have you ever seen pictures of Hollywood celebrities leaving their homes and they have some of the finest most beautiful-looking front doors? Did you ever feel like you wanted them for your home as well because they are a true representation of a glamorous lifestyle? That’s true, Beverly doors are truly historic for their unique look.

The iron work on them has so much detail that they look posh and expensive. That’s the impression you want to leave on the people visiting your home. Furthermore, you can use double Beverly style doors that will give a much larger entrance to your home and would add an aesthetic symmetrical look which would elevate the look to the next level.

Are you having trouble deciding on which type of door suits your style and which one would look flawless in your home? We value customer service along with our high-quality front doors. Our team comprises door experts that can help you design an iron door or steel door according to your preferences.

You can even check out a wide variety of entry doors available on our website with multiple options. So, you can choose from a wrought iron door, iron door, or steel doors that are also made in traditional designs that will look perfect with the architecture of your home. Contact us and learn more about ways we can help you.


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