What to Look for in a Custom Steel Door?

The first and last thing any visitors or guests will see in your house is the front door, so it’s understandable that you might want to make a good impression. Your doors are also an important part of keeping your house looking beautiful, as well as raising its value.

Many people have started to go for steel doors due to their high level of versatility and cost-effectiveness. This material is extremely strong and won’t warp or crack due to its high-density foam insulation and inner steel frame.

Your steel door doesn’t even have to look like steel! You can get a custom door in a range of finishes such as laminated-wood veneer, stainable wood fiber coating, and more. Here’s what you should look for in a custom steel door:

Design choices

Steel doors aren’t limited to the plain ones that you might see at an office—they’re available in all kinds of different colors and styles with beautiful designs that can instantly increase your home’s curb appeal.

You can find steel entry doors in a wide variety of styles, and it’s easy to dress them up even further with some sidelights and transoms that will elongate the door and fill up any empty space around it. From French and Dutch doors to sliding and pocket doors—steel doors are perfect for the entire house!

Look for the perfect style of door that fits your home’s aesthetic.

Different finishes

There are many different finishes available for steel doors—from basic designs that can fit any style to highly defined embossing that can turn your door into a unique work of art. Steel doors are also popular with people who prefer the look of a wooden door with the benefits of steel—these realistic wood textures will make people think you have a gorgeous custom wooden door instead!

This is great for people who want to stick to a certain style or match their doors to the rest of their décor.

Quality of the components

Before you invest your money into a custom steel door, it’s important to take note of the quality of all the components that make it up. If you want the complete set of benefits of a steel door, everything must be well-made and of high quality. The thickness of the frames generally depends on the manufacturer’s standards, but you can get them customized further according to your needs. Remember, the higher the gauge number, the thinner and more fragile the door gets.

Make sure that your custom iron door has sufficient weatherstripping and insulation installed as well as a heavy-duty acrylic polyurethane paint that will help it last longer.

Looking for high-quality custom steel doors?

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