Where You Can Install Bi-Fold Doors in Your Home

You’ve seen them on Instagram. You’ve seen them in your best friend’s home over a Zoom call. You’ve been eyeing them online. Bi-fold doors have been everywhere lately. No matter how little you care about residential design and décor, bi-fold doors have been the one statement that has made its mark this year.

Ideal for large, open spaces, the gorgeous doors open and close in a zigzag motion. Not only do they save space, but they also look absolutely stunning.

If you’re looking for the best place to install bi-fold doors, we’ve got you covered.

Your Backyard

Also known as accordion doors, bi-fold doors fit seamlessly in the backyard. If you’re unsure about whether they’ll fit a smaller space, you can always opt for custom doors. However, consider creating a wide space by breaking down a large portion of your wall. The open, airy feel will make your home appear more relaxing and tranquil. In addition, the plethora of natural light will create the illusion of a larger space and help you feel more invigorated.

If you’re looking for alternatives, you can also check out steel sliding doors, iron French doors, and pocket steel doors.  

Your Patio


As we spend more time indoors owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the patio has become our safe haven. Spruce it up by indulging in modern bi-fold doors that do justice to the overall design and décor of your space.

If you’re looking to go the extra mile, consider connecting interior spaces with bi-fold doors as well. For instance, you can connect your dining hall with your living room by installing a pair of stunning bi-fold doors. There’s no way you can go wrong here. Experiment with different styles, locations, and sizes to your heart’s content.

As long as you run your ideas by your interior designer or a qualified expert, you’re good to go. Once the spatial requirements have been checked off, you’re ready to install your new doors!

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Your Entryway 


Want to see your glistening bi-fold doors as soon as you walk into your property? Install them close to your home’s main entrance! Opt for sleek, black bi-fold doors to make an impact and complement the overall modern design and décor of your space. You can also look into factory-style steel doors or double wrought iron doors to achieve a similar look.

Your Dining Hall


Calling all food connoisseurs! If you love getting creative in the kitchen and have a refined palate, we’re sure your dining room is used frequently. Indulge in a pair of larger-than-life bi-fold doors to revamp your dining area. To add symmetry to your space, make sure the length of your table matches the length of the door frame. This simple yet powerful touch will make your dining hall appear more aesthetically pleasing.

Hang some gorgeous light fixtures, install maple hardwood floors, and opt for a warm pastel color palette to make your new space come to life. 

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