Why Builders & Designers Choose Iron Doors

Residential and commercial doors come in various sizes, shapes, and materials. However, builders and designers these days often recommend installing iron doors due to their wide range of aesthetic benefits for homes and work spaces. If you’re wondering why iron doors are among their favorites, here are a few reasons to help you understand.


If you are someone who likes to browse through multiple options before picking the ideal door for your home, iron doors are just the right choice for you. In fact, most contemporary builders and designers swear by iron french doors, iron patio doors, and iron front doors because they’re available in numerous styles and options.

These include iron doors with glass panels, classic iron doors, double entry iron doors, wrought iron doors, traditional iron doors, and more. Additionally, you get the freedom to choose from multiple colors for your doors that’ll match your house’s design perfectly.


One of the best things about iron doors as the ideal door types for most properties is that you can customize them according to your interior design needs. As a result, you no longer have to compromise your house’s overall look and can enhance its appearance and design with an iron door.

Some of the common iron door customization options include neutral tones or beige colors, simpler or complex designs and details, custom door sizes, and various kinds of door panels, depending on the door’s location.

Simpler Installation

Looking for a way to enjoy your brand new doors without waiting for an extended installation period? Another reason why designers and builders prefer iron doors is that they offer a relatively simpler installation than other door types. It’s a brief and straightforward installation process, significantly depending on the iron door’s type, location, and size.

Qualified door technicians have substantial knowledge about various iron door options and the best approaches to install them as quickly as possible. These doors usually only require a few hours to be installed into a house’s location.


If you’d like more information on why iron doors are an incredible addition to your home or business, feel free to get in touch with our representatives at Pinky’s Iron Doors. We’re a leading door supplier, specializing in helping our clients find their ideal doors with our wide range of custom iron doors, iron french doors, iron patio doors, steel front doors, steel entry doors, wrought iron doors, and more. Call us to learn more about our versatile iron doors for houses and commercial spaces, and how we can help you choose the right one for you.


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