Why Gray May Be the Right Color for Your Home’s Exterior


Choosing paint color can be one of the most nerve-wracking tasks. There is so much to choose from, and even more things to consider! If you’re looking for an interesting paint color for the exterior of your home, go with gray.

This cool shade somehow manages to be neutral without being too boring. If you’re not sure if this hue is right for your house, check out the main reasons that gray is among the top paint colors these days.


Gray should pair well with any other color you pick


 It’s Easy on the Eyes

No matter how much you might like bold colors like orange or hot pink, it’s inadvisable – and possibly against the HOA rules – to paint your house those shades. That’s because few people want to look at those colors every day. But gray is neutral enough that it’s easy to look at, which is good news for both you and your neighbors. If you choose this color, you might as well also choose a iron door that’s equally traditional and easy on the eyes, such as the Piano from Pinky’s Iron Doors.

 It’s a Versatile Color

The most popular neutral colors for home exteriors used to be tan, beige, white, and brown, but you can now add gray to that list. That’s probably because it matches just about any other color. So if you want to paint your house a few different shades, gray should pair well with any other color you pick. You can use it with another neutral color if you want a serene look for your house, but it also looks good juxtaposed with brighter shades for a bolder look.




It Comes in Several Shades

Once you decide on gray, it’s time to choose the shade you like best. A darker gray tends to create a dramatic look, while lighter gray can lighten up any room. Either one would look nice next to the sleek Pinky’s Iron Doors Air 8 design.

Take a look through our collection of iron doors to see more iron products that complement that cool gray exterior paint.

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