Why Should You Switch to Iron Doors from Wooden Doors?

Are you going through a major home renovation and don’t know whether you should switch out your old wooden doors for something more exciting? Maybe you’re just tired of the same old doors around the house and want some change. Either way, switching from wooden to iron doors is the best decision you could possibly make for your home!

Here’s why iron doors are an excellent addition to your home:

They’re classy

Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder, and we can’t make the objective decision that iron doors provide more style than wooden ones. However, wooden doors are typical, with a limited range of styles and sizes available, making it difficult to make your house stand out in the neighborhood. While some wooden doors do come with a certain level of intricate artistry, a wooden door will stay a wooden door.

Iron doors, on the other hand, speak volumes about the class and elegance of the people living inside the house. With a wide variety of design touches, such as custom finishes or glass paneling, you can turn your house into the star of the show by leveling up its curbside appeal.

Customizable style

Wooden doors don’t fit every aesthetic or style of housing. Their degree of customization is limited when compared to the comparably more versatile iron doors.

Due to its high level of customizability, an iron door can be the perfect fit for a house of any style. Whether you want something industrial-chic or super-hip, you can find an iron door that suits your needs. If you’re looking for something more vintage with elements of modern styles, you can find that too! There are no restrictions whatsoever.

If you want a door that’s easy to customize and can meet your needs completely, you should definitely opt for a custom iron door instead of a wooden one.


Wrought iron doors have innumerable feature options—from handles to windows; you can choose so many different things to make your door more unique and personalized for your home. You can even get the metal to be designed so that it matches the rest of the features in your home to create one cohesive unit!

Wooden doors don’t have the same number of options available, or they tend to be limited due to the nature of this material.

Looking for high-quality iron doors?

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