Why Steel Doors Are So Compatible with Texas Homes

Texas has slightly chilly winters and hot and humid summers. If you love bright and sunny days, Texas is the place to be in the summer season. However, June, July, and August can be quite testing in the Lone Star State with stifling heat. And with a bright and hot sun mostly all around the year, wooden doors are a big no. They can lose their color and brightness quite easily due to excessive exposure to the sun.

But one door that will continue to shine no matter how hot or cold it gets is a steel door. Steel doors are the most compatible front entry doors for a home in Texas. If you’re considering getting a new door for your beautiful Texas home but find yourself in a pickle, here’s every reason why a steel door should be your clear choice:

Vast Variety

Steel doors are one-piece doors, unlike iron, where different iron pieces are welded together to create the outcome. Steel is melted and poured into a mold where the shape sets, and you get the final product. Even though this process can be slightly labor-intensive, you have a wide variety of designs to choose from.

From French steel doors to pivot steel doors and much more, steel doors come in various designs. And if you have a knack for something more unique, there’s always an option of getting a custom steel door that fits your preferences to the tee.

Multiple Uses

Unlike iron doors, steel doors are extremely versatile and can be used anywhere, from interior to exterior. Its excellent material allows it to be a fit for harsh weather conditions while being lightweight enough to be used as an interior door.

Plus, steel can easily be paired with other materials, such as glass, to create an extremely versatile steel door that offers multiple uses. Add glass panes to enjoy the sunlight while maintaining your privacy, or trade the basic glass panes for an operable glass door that can work as a mini door and window. Open it during hot days for some cross ventilation or keep it close and enjoy the sun’s warmth during winters.

Increased Property Value

There’s nothing better than an iron door when it comes to the king of doors that can increase property value. However, that can often be way over the budget since iron doors are comparatively at the pricier end. Nevertheless, you still have the next best alternative – steel doors.

Steel doors are extremely appealing to the eye and can uplift your home’s look with a minor change. And when there’s a unique home on the block, it always sells at a relatively higher price where you can easily recover the initial cost of the steel door.

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