Why You Need Iron and Steel Interior Doors to Transform Your Nevada Residence


Nevada and its cities are known for their extravagant lifestyles that are not just limited to the nightlife and social gatherings. Most houses in Nevada are extravagant, modern, and awe-inspiring. These houses are grand looking with top-of-the-line mechanisms and fixtures that stand out the most.

It is accompanied by sleek furniture, carefully picked out color palettes, and some tasteful art. When the exterior and interior of a house are so perfect, what can you do to increase the overall look of such a house? The answer is easy – incorporate some stylish and modern steel and iron door.

With the use of iron and steel door, you can make your Nevada property stand out, create an eye-catching atmosphere and let the interior of your house pop. It also adds an undeniable boost to your property value – making it worth more than what you bought it for.

If you’re wondering how adding a few doors can increase property value, then let us help you out!

How to Increase Property Value?

There are several ways that you can increase property value. Some of these include adding new paint, refreshing old hinges, and fixtures, or installing new gadgets and technology. However, the choices aren't limited to these traditional hacks.

You can look for cost-effective and easier changes to increase value too. With the addition of some steel and iron doors for the exterior and interior of your house, your property value can soar higher.

Here are how iron and steel doors increase property value:

  • Adding iron front doors can help boost your curb appeal, and bring attention to your driveway or entrance.
  • With the help of interior steel doors,you can accentuate the interior, making it more desirable and trendy.
  • The use of steel and iron doors for the interior can help the house look larger and spacious, and make way for more natural light.

Advantages of Using Iron and Steel Doors

Whenever you're about to make a hefty purchase, always consider the pros and cons of the purchase. Similarly, we don't expect you to hop into your car and get an iron or steel door. We expect you to ask questions to make sure that these doors are the perfect fit for you. To help you out, here are a few advantages to these doors. Let’s begin!

Boosts Property Value: As suggested earlier, incorporating iron and steel doors can boost property value. If you live in a house you plan on selling shortly, or along the line, you might want to make this investment to make sure your house is far better than the others in the market.

Adds Aesthetics: Steel and iron doors are a great way to make the interior and exterior of your house more aesthetically pleasing. These doors add elegance, style, and a touch of modernity to your property.

Top Iron Door Designs

French Doors

If you’re looking for a simplistic and elegant look for the interior and exterior of your house getting some French iron doors will be the perfect answer for you. These doors have sleek designs, with large and quality glass panes, and give you the perfect modern look for your residence in Nevada.

Dutch Doors

If you want aesthetic appeal and functionality in one place, then Dutch iron doors are perfect for you. These doors are split in the middle, and half of the door can be opened according to the need of the hour. They have large glass panes on one or both half of the door, to help give you access to natural light and ventilation.

Double Arch Doors

To make any space in your house look grand and extravagant you don’t need over the top and carved doors – all you need is a full arch top iron door that gives a grand and elegant look. These doors have a curved top and make the area look bigger and more spacious.

Flat Top Doors

If you’re someone who believes in simplicity, flat top iron doors could be the answer to all your worries. These doors are simple, attractive, and elegant. For more natural light, you could customize these iron doors by adding sidelights and transoms.

Top Steel Door Designs

Pocket Doors


When we talk about steel doors, the endless amount of options that a person can choose from will always come up. One such option is the pocket steel door. Pocket doors are a great way to add a little privacy to a room that doesn’t have space to support hinged doors.

These doors deposit into a cavity in the adjoining wall, vanishing when you open them up. It gives you plenty of space and the option to extend one space into another when the need arises.

Sliding Doors

For a modern look, you can always opt for sliding steel doors. Similar to pocket doors, they are great at saving space, and adding grandeur to the room they are incorporated in. Traditionally, sliding doors have large glass panels that provide more natural light and a feeling of open space.

Barn Doors


You don’t always have to stick to what’s been done traditionally; you can always mix and match to draw attention to the interior of your house. Use a barn steel door to bring some culture and countryside to the interior. These doors can make your rooms look trendy, elegant, and fashionable.

Pivot Doors

If you have the space for it, getting a pivot door can completely transform the look of your house. Pivot steel doors can move in any direction, based on the kind of functionality you want in your rooms. These doors have large glass panels and work great for balconies, patios, and pantries.

To find more steel and iron door options, take a good look at Pinky’s Iron Door collections. They stock several iron and steel doors, with the option of customizing them to your taste and preference. Get in touch with the team today, to get your customized door!

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