Why Your Home Needs a Metal Exterior Door

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Exterior doors aren't just the primary ways to get in and out of a home; they're also its first line of defense, guarding the interior and inhabitants against possible intrusions and harsh weather conditions.

As such integral parts of the overall structure, front doors simply need to be strong and sturdy. But at the same time, they need to be inviting and pleasing to the eye as they welcome guests and draw visitors in.

What possible material could fulfill both of those opposing roles? Metal. Fusing aesthetic appeal with inimitable strength, it's the perfect choice for a front door. Forged from stainless steel or wrought iron, a metal front door can provide the peerless protection your property requires.


The Unique Advantages of a Metal Front Door

While wooden doors weaken with exposure to the elements and plastic doors fail to impress, iron or steel entry doors excel in every aspect. Here is what a superb metal door will offer.

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Improved Security

Burglaries and home invasions are frighteningly common crimes. Perhaps, in some idyllic future, they may be eradicated. For now, they're a very real matter of concern for every homeowner. You can't afford to take any risks with home security.

Weak front doors are easy targets for criminals. They can be broken down and brushed aside by seasoned thieves, and many intruders will naturally target homes with the weakest entry points. However, in the face of strong steel doors, the typical tricks of the trade prove far less effective.

It's much harder for burglars and thieves to break through a heavy metal door than a wooden or PVC alternative. Not only that, but when thieves see homes with these doors at the front, they're less likely to even attempt a break-in; in the thief's mind, a home with a solid front door is more likely to have other strong security measures elsewhere. In effect, steel and iron doors are powerful deterrents.

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Long-Lasting Protection

Metal's most defining characteristic is its ability to resist. To withstand and endure. There's nothing quite like it. Forged in intense pressure and heat, steel and iron can cope with anything. The weather may change and temperatures can shift, but metal stays true, maintaining its shape and form, steadfast and sturdy.

Is it any wonder that the strongest storm doors are made with steel frames and hinges? Or that everything from rockets to submarines are made with strong steel and similar metals? Throughout the ages, these materials have proven themselves, time and again, in every situation, lasting for centuries and enduring hardship after hardship.

So, while the winds howl and the rains lash down, metal exterior door owners can feel safe and warm in their own homes, confident that their steel guardians or iron barriers will protect them. Even in areas where the whims of Mother Nature are most unpredictable and dangerous, steel reigns supreme as the most solid and sensible choice.

A Valuable Investment

Let's be clear. Steel and iron exterior doors aren't cheap. You could easily find a vinyl or PVC door for a fraction of the cost. But when it comes to value, it's a very different story. Lasting for decades (or even a lifetime, in some cases), steel doors take the very concept of "value" to a whole new level.

In addition, since these doors provide such strong protection against thieves, intruders, and the elements, they can safeguard your home against expensive losses. The potential savings, both financial and sentimental, are almost incalculable, and you can't put a price on the peace of mind you'll feel with a solid steel door guarding your property.

Then, if ever the time comes when you want to uproot and move on to pastures new, a sturdy door can add some value to your home. Prospective buyers will be pleased to see that strong, dependable material when they visit, rather than having to worry about paying from their own pocket to get a stronger door installed.

Relatively Minimal Maintenance

Exterior doors have to cope with the often-harsh conditions of the outside world. Rains pour down on them, winds push and press against their hinges, and temperatures rise and fall with the seasons, wearing away at the hardware with every passing week and month.

Some materials simply can't cope with that. Low-cost vinyl and PVC doors struggle to survive and require regular maintenance, while wooden doors need to be sanded, sealed, and stained over and over again. But the same cannot be said of metal doors, which have exceptionally low maintenance requirements.

With their high resistance to scratches and scrapes, the likes of steel and iron can last for decades, without putting pressure on you to constantly have them cleaned, sanded, and refreshed. While alternatives, like glass, fiberglass, and wood need regular upkeep and attention, solid steel can be relied upon to survive and endure, day after day, with only semi-regular oiling or painting needed to keep it fresh.

Improved Energy Efficiency

The world is changing. The ripples of mankind's industries are being felt far and wide. From forest fires to floods, natural disasters are on the rise. And change is the only way to stop it. In this age of heightened environmental awareness, many homeowners seek to be that change.

Opting for a steel door is one smart and simple way to boost your property's sustainability. This is all thanks to the thickness and insulating properties of the hardware. Full metal doors seal heat in the home during the cooler months, making it less likely for warmth to be lost. This, in turn, can reduce the property's dependence on gas and electric heating systems.

This is a stark contrast to other doors, like wooden doors, which may have little cracks and gaps around the edges where heat seeps away. With steel and iron doors, not only can a home benefit from higher levels of safety, but also better energy efficiency, with lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

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A Fantastic First Impression

Picture yourself treading the path to a residential property you've never been to before. Perhaps you've been invited to a colleague's house. Maybe you're getting together with family for a housewarming. In either case, the front door is one of the first things you pay attention to. It waits to open and greet you at the path's end.

That door is critical in forming a first impression of the home beyond. People begin to form opinions and ideas about a house, based purely on the look, style, and color of the door they see before them. If you greet them with creaking wood or peeling PVC, they may turn away. But with artisanal doors before them, with an elegant door knob and solid steel construction, they'll be eager to enter and see more.

If you're prideful about your home, steel doors are a must. They can bring out the best in your property and add an instant dose of elegance to the exterior, drawing visitors in while putting them at ease.

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A Range of Styles and Designs

Another wonderful aspect of these doors is the myriad of styles, colors, and designs for homeowners to choose between. From daring and decorative designs to sleek, chic, and clean-cut frames, the choices go on and on. A perfect metal door will match a home of any vibe, from classy coastal villas to modern, minimalist properties and urban, industrial spaces.

The PINKYS collection, for example, is filled with beautiful options, like the ornate Beverly, with its twisting, turning web of iron, weaving its way across a tempered glass window. The arched Air 4 is another prime example, with a statement steel frame and distinctive shape making it a fine fit for modern homes looking for a little old-world charm.

Our catalog is filled with plenty more examples of fabulous doors to suit your home, no matter its style. Each is designed according to the finest standards of strength and aesthetic appeal, formed from nothing but the highest-grade steel, glass, and iron components. You can also purchase high-end locks for superb looks and security, and PINKYS products are customizable to meet your needs.

Potential to Paint and Customize

It's even possible to customize a metal door with a mixture of paint and primer. Owners can modify their doors to suit the changing moods and looks of the rest of the home, and a painted door has a whole extra coat of protection against weathering and corrosion.

While certain materials are tricky or even impossible to paint over, painting a steel door is surprisingly straightforward. The door simply needs to be removed from its frame, with the hardware and hinges taken away. It can then be sanded down, with all the sanding dust removed with the aid of a brush.

Follow that up with a layer of primer, then a couple of coats of paint, leaving several hours for each coat to dry before you are ready to install the door back on its hinges. Painting the door can even be a fun family project, and there are countless colors to experiment with, offering endless scope for imagination and creativity.

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Downsides of Metal Exterior Doors

Iron and steel doors have such a fantastic array of advantages. But it wouldn't be fair to call them flawless. Like any material, metal has its downsides, which also need to be taken into account.

Potential for Dents and Chips

Metal may not rot, flake, or peel away, but it can dent. Heavy impacts from items like rocks, branches blown on the wind, or other bits of debris may leave their mark. And dents can be hard to remove.

Risk of Rust

There's also a chance of steel doors eventually rusting, if they're exposed to exceptional levels of moisture and not protected correctly. However, with the correct care, including the use of either paint, wax, or oil to form a barrier around the metal, there's a very low chance of this occurring. PINKYS offers an all-in-one cleaning spray to help you maintain your doors for years to come.

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Types of Metal Exterior Doors

As we can see, of all the many materials for exterior doors, metal reigns supreme. Its sturdy construction provides proven peace of mind, inimitable security, long-lasting protection, and a fabulous first impression for every visitor or passer-by. But "metal" is a broad term, and we can categorize these doors into multiple subtypes, including:

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Steel Doors

For safety and protection, steel is the best material to choose. It's exceptionally tough and resilient, with minimal maintenance requirements. That's part of the reason why steel is often used for garage doors.

Steel doors are best suited for homeowners who want a door they can simply install and not have to worry about. Burglars have little chance of breaking through it, and the weather's effects will take years to cause any notable wear and tear on the steel itself.

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Iron Doors

Iron doors provide similar strength and durability to those made of steel, but are generally more decorative and intricate in their designs. It's possible to bend and contort wrought iron into all sorts of shapes, crafting pretty patterns and elegant elements.

For curb appeal, there are few metals that can compete with iron. Consequently, a solid iron door can add immediate value to a property, making it more desirable and alluring to prospective buyers or those passing by.

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Which Material Is Best?

Each of these three materials has its pros and cons. It's impossible to objectively state that one is better than the rest. They all have best-use cases and key features to set them apart from the others. That's why homeowners should weigh up their options and consider their needs and budget before selecting one.

Are you looking for peerless strength and toughness? Select steel. Do you prefer a decorative door with unmatched aesthetic allure? Iron's the one for you.

And no matter which material you decide on, you’ll have a prized piece of sturdy construction to count on for years to come.

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Strength. Resistance. Beauty. Solid steel slabs and wrought iron doors have it all. For protection. For protection, peace of mind, and value for money, nothing else comes close.

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Since 1978, PINKYS has proven to be a leading light in the field of door design. Taking inspiration from the unmistakable beauty of Southern California sunsets and the natural landscapes that surround us each day, we don't just make doors; we make connections between your home and the world beyond. Take a look through our vast collection to find the doorway of your dreams.


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