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The city of Big Bear, which is officially called Big Bear Lake, is located along the shores of its namesake lake in San Bernardino County. The scenic city is framed by the surrounding San Bernardino Mountains, which influences its economy, ecology and social scene. The Serrano Native Americans were the area’s earliest inhabitants, but their population dwindled when diseases for which they had no immunity were introduced into the area. European settlements in Big Bear grew when gold was discovered in that region of California.

Big Bear

The small city of Big Bear Lake is a popular tourist destination for Californians and out-of-state visitors. During the summer, the city has mild, daytime temperatures that rarely rise above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and cool evening temperatures that are typically in the high 40s inspire cozy fireside fellowship. California residents from busy, urban centers and hot, suburban areas in the valleys often escape to Big Bear Lake for hiking, camping and horseback riding adventures. Big Bear Lake winters are quite cold compared to the rest of California’s communities that are located near the Pacific coast or in the valleys. Snowfall is common there, and the precipitation attracts visitors to Big Bear Lake’s Snow Summit and Bear Mountain Ski Resorts.

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Big Bear Lake was only recently incorporated in 1980. Besides its popularity with tourists, it is also a favorite location for film and television productions. The producers of classic Western television programs and films such as Bonanza, Daniel Boone and Last of the Mohicans used the city’s picturesque mountains and lake as realistic settings for filming.

The permanent population of Big Bear Lake is just over 5,000 people, but summer and winter visitors make its total population density much higher throughout the year. Big Bear residents and business owners embrace architectural styles that allow buildings to blend with the region’s natural mountainous setting and that function well during snow fall. Besides the ubiquitous log cabin-style homes and alpine-inspired chalets, a residential and commercial building style that is called “Maltby” is prevalent in Big Bear Lake. These structures feature log and stone siding, stone porches and plenty of custom-made iron light fixtures.

Big Bear

The Maltby design style is a mountaineer’s version of the California Craftsman pattern, which is further enhanced by clean-lined iron entry doors such as those found within Pinky’s Iron Doors’ Air Collection. Pinky’s Iron Doors has one of the largest selections of contemporary and traditional iron entry doors in the region. Our iron doors are ideal complements to the custom-made iron light fixtures that are found on many Maltby homes and commercial structures. Big Bear residents can order their iron entry doors online and have them conveniently delivered to their properties in the mountains or anywhere in the United States.

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