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Chandler, Arizona provides a rich experience for visitors and residents alike. With a wide variety of styles in this city of 247,328, Chandler has a unique aesthetic and architecture that is enjoyed by everyone.

Having recently tied up construction of its City Hall Complex, Chandler has fully embraced an eco-friendly building practice. In fact, this new complex has won a LEED Gold Certification, which illustrates the city’s dedication to the environment. Architecturally, you won’t find a more modern building than the City Hall Complex.


Conversely, the Downtown Chandler area is full of turn of the century buildings that were constructed during the City Beautiful Movement of the 1890s. This area represents a level of ornate design that adds a sense of well-planned modern grandeur to the buildings in the area and is now also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Pinky's Iron Doors is a Fusion of Convenience and Quality

Chandler is a place of historic buildings that incorporate columns into their design; from the Romanesque columns of Chandler High School to the southwestern-styled columns of the Dobson Building, it’s clear that these support structures are part of Chandler’s history. It’s with this concession that there are many buildings design in the Mission or Spanish Revival style.

Along with this style of architecture, there is a prominence of the wrought iron door and window covering. These types of door and window options add a degree of elegance and style to any home or business. At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we specialize in these types of products and feature the largest selection of metal doors in Chandler and the larger Phoenix area.


Wrought iron doors and accessories can add a sense of elegance and security to your home or business. We have a very large inventory of options that should fit the needs of your property. If you’ve visited our showroom and found that our inventory doesn’t quite jibe with your vision, we have artisans on staff who can craft the door that you need so that your specifications are met.

We provide online ordering and stress-free delivery to Chandler residents so that these commercial and private properties can meet the vision of their owners.

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