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When Jamba Juice and Starbucks decide to open their doors in a city like Compton that has been previously known for its high-calorie yet delectable soul food such as chicken and waffles, Californians know that gentrification is in the air. The city of Compton, which was established in 1888, is located in Los Angeles County and is widely understood to be the birthplace of West Coast gangster rap. Following years of social and economic turbulence, Compton is slowly but steadily restoring its image as the clean, prosperous South Central Los Angeles suburb that working-class and middle-class residents are proud to call home.

In Compton there are numerous sites of interest that pay tribute to the city’s distinctive past. Compton is one of the oldest communities in Los Angeles County. The city’s restored Heritage House, which was originally built in 1869, stands as a reminder of the simplistic lifestyle of the area’s early American settlers. Also, architecture enthusiasts find original examples of Byzantine-style structures at Compton’s Angeles Abbey Cemetery. Compton is also known for its past and present ties to the aviation industry. Travelers can visit the Compton Airport, which has hosted air travel and a variety of flight training programs since its grand opening in 1924. The Tomorrow Aeronautical Museum is also the perfect place for young visitors to get inspired to excel in aviation science.


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City officials and civic leaders are helping Compton to shed its reputation for gang violence, crime and poverty primarily through economic development. For instance, the famous Compton Swap Meet has shuttered its stalls as the community welcomes a Walmart Supercenter that will bring low-priced goods and hundreds of much-needed jobs to the city. The retail giant is following in the footsteps of other big box stores such as Target, Best Buy and Staples that now have a presence in Compton. Small business owners and new entrepreneurs also get a boost from the business assistance programs that were initiated by the city’s Planning and Economic Development department. These efforts have not gone unnoticed by the business community, and an independent economic research agency recently declared Compton to be an “entrepreneurial hot spot” for up-and-coming companies.




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