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The city of Dallas is located in North Texas and is the seat of Dallas County. Many early Americans moved West for promises of wide, open spaces and better economic prospects. It appears that Dallas delivered on those dreams then and continues to do so today. The cosmopolitan city is one of the state's major economic hubs. Officially Incorporated in 1856, Dallas contributed to the nation's economy through its cotton and oil production. Today, Dallas has the 10th largest economy in the world and is home to a number of Fortune 500 companies such as Texas Instruments, AT&T and Southwest Airlines.

Dallas is known as a city of extreme contrasts. Proudly, it was the first city to host a Major League Baseball World Series game, National Basketball Association Finals game and a National Football League Super Bowl game during the same year. Alternately, it is the only city where a sitting U.S. president was assassinated during a live television broadcast. For good or bad, newsworthy events in Dallas are rarely average.



Dallas is entrenched in the country's culture mainly through the media's portrayal of its sports and entertainment offerings. For instance, the Dallas Cowboys, the city's professional football team, has fans from all over the world. Also, numerous tourists come to Dallas to see the “Ewing” mansion at Southfork Ranch, which was the setting of the long-running television series Dallas. Visitors can honor the city's upscale retailing heritage while lassoing some unique finds with a trip to the city's downtown Neiman Marcus headquarters and main store.


Iron Doors Shipped with Style from Los Angeles

While Dallas is spread out and not particularly known for its walkability, a driving tour through its neighborhoods is a worthwhile venture for those who are curious about the city's diverse architectural designs. Area visitors are likely to see residential and commercial styles that include Postmodern, Victorian, Mediterranean and Craftsman. These designs reflect the city's European immigrant legacy and its residents' penchants for luxurious living. Quality materials and accessories such as natural stone siding, real wood trims and elegant iron doors and gates are used to give Dallas structures the style and character for which the city is famous.

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Photo Credit: https://fineartamerica.com/featured/2-dallas-skyline-cowboys-rospotte-photography.html

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