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Elegant Iron Doors Offer Timeless Style to Dynamic Elko Communities

Elko is a principal city in northeastern Nevada. The city, which has just over 20,000 residents, is the seat of Elko County. Elko was established in 1868 and thrived as a supply station when the Central Pacific Railroad built lines that spanned from California to Utah. Throughout its early years, Elko was also known for its mining and ranching operations. Elko wasn't officially incorporated until 1917, and during that time, the city's economy was firmly linked to gold mining. Although Elko's city leaders and residents want a more diversified economic landscape, the city's current economy remains heavily dependent on gold mining. The region has the fourth most productive gold mining operations in the world, and many people in Elko work in jobs that support gold mining in the region. Some Elko residents find employment in other market sectors such as ranching and tourism.


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While Elko is not a typical tourist town, intellectually curious visitors who pass through northeastern Nevada can find plenty of informative attractions in the city. For instance, the Western Folklore Center, which is staffed by knowledgeable volunteers, pays tribute to the early pioneer lifestyle of the American West. Visitors to the Center learn about heritage skills like leather tooling and Western dances. They can listen to Western-inspired storytelling that helps to keep the region's unique culture alive for future generations. The Western Folklore Center is also the site of the annual National Cowboy Poetry Gathering that features poetry recitations, live music, art exhibits and food.



Since the economy of Elko is heavily dependent on the fluctuations of the gold market, its housing market can be unpredictable. The last downturn in gold prices left the area with many vacant houses and a struggling city government. The current rising prices of the precious metal have left property owners much happier and the local government in recovery mode. While the region prospers, many homeowners take the time to invest in home improvements that will create lasting value. Replacing ordinary entry doors with elegant iron doors is one way to quickly add style and marketability to a property. Pinky's Iron Doors has one of the largest selections of ready-to-install, custom-crafted iron doors in the region. Our Elko customers can order traditional or contemporary-styled iron entry doors via our online ordering platform and have their purchases shipped to their homes or businesses.

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