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Elegant Iron Doors Get Golfing Suburb of Martinez Into the Swing of Great Architectural Style


Martinez is a Columbia County, Georgia community that is a suburb of the city of Augusta. The area is not an incorporated city, but it is a census-designated place that has a population of over 35,000 people. Martinez was named for wealthy Cuban immigrant Jose Martinez y Saldivar, who established the El Cordero Ranch upon the many acres of land that he purchased in the area. The ranch is a reminder of the region’s early and long-time association with farming. Some El Cordero Ranch outbuildings are still standing in the town of Martinez to this day.


Pinky’s Iron Doors Is Delivering Luxury Iron Doors To Beautiful Martinez, Georgia Homes


Martinez is rich in history and natural beauty which helped it to extend its economy beyond agriculture and into textile manufacturing, tourism and hospitality. For instance, the town is the site of the head of the historic Augusta Canal. The canal, which is fed by the Savannah River, was established to power mills, transport goods and collect drinking water for nearby residents. Today, the Augusta Canal is touted as an early engineering success story, and it remains the primary drinking water source for much of urban and suburban Augusta. Besides the site being a registered historic landmark, it is also the setting for many of the community's recreational and tourism activities. Due to its humid sub-tropical climate, Martinez is blessed with a variety of foliage and trees that line its famous waterways and multi-use nature trails. The tranquil environment attracts kayakers, bikers and tour boat groups. Visitors can rent bicycles at the Bicycle Peddler or check out a kayak at Savannah Rapids Kayak Rental to brave the rapids at Savannah Rapids Park.



Augusta is known for its championship golf courses and its annual Master's golf tournament. Martinez businesses that operate in the tourism and hospitality sectors benefit from their close proximity to the city of Augusta. For instance, the CSRA Wellness Center in Martinez caters to visiting golfers and their spouses that come to the area to indulge in both sport and therapeutic wellness treatments. The Center offers a comprehensive line of spa services such as massages, facials, anti-aging body treatments, pedicures and non-surgical fat reduction protocols; catering for brunches and special occasion events are available.


Martinez is also known for its lovely homes that are framed by lush, green landscaping. A variety of architectural styles are represented in the town's neighborhoods, and many of them can be further enhanced with the luxe look of decorative, wrought iron entry doors and gates. Pinky's Iron Doors has one of the largest selections of ready-to-install iron doors in the region. Martinez customers can conveniently order our luxury iron doors online and have their purchases shipped to their homes or businesses. 

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