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Northridge is a Los Angeles community that is located about 25 miles northwest of the city’s downtown area. Its earliest known inhabitants were the Tongva Native American peoples, who inhabited much of the San Fernando Valley. The neighborhood was named Northridge in 1938 to clarify its geographic position within the city of Los Angeles. Granada Hills, Van Nuys, Reseda, Winnetka and Chatsworth are some Los Angeles communities that border Northridge.



The San Fernando Valley neighborhood is known for its high rates of ethnic diversity. Latino and Asian Americans are the largest ethnic minority groups in Northridge. The community hosts California State University Northridge, and Northridge residents are known to have educational levels that exceed Los Angeles county averages. They are attracted to the area’s relatively low cost of living and affordable real estate. Northridge is also home to a surprising number of past and present professional athletes and sports celebrities.

Although Northridge has never been a typical California tourist destination, the area offers a few entertainment options for residents and visitors. Amenity-rich parks and recreation facilities enable Northridge residents to make the most of Southern California’s characteristically great weather. Lighted baseball diamonds, basketball courts, soccer fields, jogging paths and tennis courts are found at most of the community’s parks. The Rancho Cordillera del Norte is a place of cultural interest in Northridge that is owned by performing artist Elisabeth Waldo. Concerts that take place at the ranch feature musical presentations from ancient cultures such as Mayan, Inca, Chinese and Mexican.


The San Fernando Valley Neighborhood Is Known For Its High Rates Of Ethnic Diversity


While earthquakes are common in California in comparison to the seismic activity in other parts of the country, Northridge was near the epicenter of one of the strongest earthquakes in the region’s history. The 1994 temblor that shook Northridge and the surrounding neighborhoods registered a magnitude of 6.7. The earthquake was responsible for the deaths of over 50 people and the injuries of thousands more. Subsequently, the state adopted stricter building codes when it rebuilt its reinforced-steel, earthquake-resistant structures.




Metal has always been trusted by builders and craftsmanship for its strength and durability, which is why investment in iron entry doors, window coverings and gates yield such high returns for property values. Whether one needs a door that can withstand formidable natural disasters or just petty burglars, Pinky’s Iron Doors of Southern California has security iron doors that add safety and elegance to Northridge homes and businesses. We have one of the largest selections of traditional and contemporary iron doors in the region, and our user-friendly, online ordering platform makes it convenient for our Northridge patrons to get luxury iron doors delivered to anywhere in the United States.

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