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Hand-Crafted Luxury Iron Doors Make Pasadena Entryways Works of Art

Pasadena is a city in Harris County that is located in the eastern part of the state's Gulf Coast region. Founded in 1893, the area is historically significant as the site of the last battle for Texas independence from Mexico. The city's early economy relied on cattle ranching and agriculture until oil was discovered there during the turn of the 20th century. After reaping profits from the important resource, the city was officially Incorporated in 1928. Today, Pasadena's economy benefits from the suburb’s inclusion in the Houston metropolitan area, and Boeing, Shell and SGS Petroleum Service Corporation are some of the city’s prominent employers.

While Pasadena is considered a hard-working, oil-producing town, its residents find ways to enjoy themselves through the city's quality attractions and amenities. For instance, a visit to Armand Bayou Nature Center allows residents and tourists to immerse themselves in the scenic beauty of nature without ever having to leave the city's urban center. Armand Bayou is the largest urban nature preserve of its kind in the country, and it features displays of live mammals, birds and reptiles throughout the park. The large wilderness refuge helps to preserve Pasadena from the over development and commercialization to which many of the country's fast-growing cities have succumbed.


Pinky’s Iron Doors Is Delivering Luxury Iron Doors To Beautiful Pasadena, Texas Homes


Pasadena residents take fine arts seriously. The Pasadena Little Theater has provided over six decades of entertainment for the city. The theater uses local talent to perform plays and musicals that range from comedic dramas to edge-of-your-seat mysteries. The Pasadena Little Theater also conducts acting lessons and workshops for the city's youth to help make sure that local talent continues to be available for years to come. Innovative Pasadena artists turned their talent into a business opportunity at Painting With a Twist. The unique business allows groups to learn painting techniques from trained staff. At the end of the activity, everyone takes home amazing-looking works of art as well as memories of learning and socializing with their friends.



While Pasadena's commercial architecture appears somewhat industrial due to the city's large number of oil refineries, many Pasadena residents return from work to luxury or mid-range homes that vary in design style. Whether a home is modern or traditional, installation of a premium iron door can give it near-instant character and distinction. When Pasadena residents want to set a style trend of luxury and elegance in their neighborhood, they can turn to Pinky's Iron Doors for impeccable quality and a broad range of designs. Convenient online ordering and nationwide delivery make it easy for Pasadena residents to buy artisan-crafted, luxury iron doors.


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