Wrought Iron Entry Front Doors in San Bernardino CA

The city of San Bernardino, which is surrounded by the scenic San Bernardino Mountains, was founded in 1857. The region's popularity grew during the 1860s because of the famed California Gold Rush. Today, San Bernardino is the county seat of San Bernardino County, and it is primarily significant for its diplomatic role as host to several consulates.

While San Bernardino is not considered a typical tourist destination, it does offer some respectable, day trip attractions for area visitors. For example, the San Bernardino History and Railroad Museum, which is located near the historic Santa Fe Depot, highlights the important role that the early railroads played in the region’s economic development. The city is also home to the McDonald's Museum that sits on the site of the first McDonald's restaurant that opened for business in 1940.


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The climate and topography of San Bernardino is significantly different from most California cities primarily because it sits within the San Bernardino Valley. Unlike many areas of the state that are experiencing severe droughts, San Bernardino has traditionally been blessed with an abundant supply of water through its underground aquifers and natural springs. The surrounding San Bernardino Mountains remain a refuge for those who want to explore nature and escape the summertime heat of the valley below.

San Bernardino was considered one of America’s most livable cities decades ago. Since that time, economic blight and higher-than-average crime rates have troubled the city. However, long-time residents, law-abiding transplants and commercial developers see San Bernardino’s potential. Urban revitalization efforts are ongoing throughout the city, and these initiatives impact downtown commercial buildings as well as residential housing developments. Home and business property owners know the importance of incorporating structural amenities such as wrought iron doors and exterior metal window treatments that add security as well as style during the city’s recovery period.


San Bernardino


Pinky’s Iron Doors has a large selection of high-quality metal doors that supports the luxurious look that San Bernardino property owners seek while providing the extra level of security that they require. Whether you need a door for a new construction building or for a historic remodel, Pinky’s has an inventory of metal doors to suit traditional and contemporary architectural styles. Our doors are hand-forged from 12-gauge steel and galvanized with zinc, which ensures that they can withstand natural as well as man-made wear and tear. Our elegantly styled hardware and locks are just as durable. San Bernardino property owners, who want to instantly improve their real estate’s overall value, curb appeal and security, should stop by the Pinky’s Iron Doors showroom today for a quick consultation about our available selections, custom options, online ordering and delivery process.

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