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Stockton is a Northern California city that was founded during the state’s famous Gold Rush era by a speculator turned tradesman named Captain Charles Weber. Besides gold, the area is known for its rich farmland that is nourished by the San Joaquin River and other waterways in the San Joaquin River Delta. Stockton’s inland port and strategic location between the cities of Sacramento to the north and San Jose to the south allowed it to maintain its prominence long after large gold deposits ceased to be found in the area. Stockton, like many other U.S. cities and individuals, was hit hard by the recession of 2008. Large numbers of foreclosures, which were often the result of mortgage fraud, contributed to the city’s decision to file for bankruptcy. Stockton recently exited its bankruptcy period in 2015, and it appears to be on the road to full economic recovery.

Although Stockton is not a typical California tourist town, the city’s natural beauty and warm climate attract many outdoor sports enthusiasts. Stockton’s parks and green spaces are surrounded by waterways that make an amazing backdrop for hiking and cycling trails. Californians love their dogs, and Stockton locals and visitors can be seen taking their furry family members to Barkleyville Dog Park to indulge in a bit of fun. The park is sectioned off into play areas for large and small canines as well as a space for an agility course. Farming is entrenched in Stockton’s history and culture, and visitors can gain a unique perspective on the city by sampling fresh produce and artisan baked goods at one of its many farmer’s markets that operate year round.


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Visitors who are interested in the architectural styles of California homes and businesses during the 19th and early 20th centuries are drawn to Stockton’s Magnolia Historic District in Midtown. The district features Queen Anne, Craftsman, Moderne and Spanish Revival structures that were built between 1860 and 1920. The historic homes, which are often adorned with detailed woodwork, iron doors and wrought iron trim, are in marked contrast to the new construction homes that dot the Stockton landscape.




The city’s relatively affordable land and housing prices continue to attract property buyers to the area. Stockton property owners can add architectural interest and distinction to their new construction homes and businesses by investing in high-quality iron doors, window coverings and gates like the ones that are available through Pinky’s Iron Doors. Pinky’s has one of the largest collections of luxury iron doors in California. Whether your home’s architectural design is traditional or contemporary, we have door models that will fit your lifestyle. It has never been easier to add polished refinement to your property with luxury iron doors. Follow our easy online ordering process and get your iron door delivered right to your home or business.


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