Wrought Iron Entry Front Doors in Ventura County CA

Ventura County, which was established in 1872, borders California’s Central Coast and Southern California. Prior to European settlement, the Chumash people lived in the area where Ventura County now sits. The county’s name as well as the names of some of its cities are derived from the Chumash people’s language and are reminders of the area’s rich Native American heritage. Today, Ventura County is divided between East County and West County. Prominent cities in East County include Thousand Oaks, Oak Park and Simi Valley. Oxnard, Port Hueneme and the city of Ventura, which is the county seat, are well-known cities in West County.



California’s Central Coast has always attracted visitors who enjoy indulging in heavy doses of sunshine and ocean breezes. However, Ventura County is a hidden gem when it comes to kid-friendly fun on the Central Coast. The Ventura Harbor Village features a large arcade that has numerous games and prize-winning opportunities that are guaranteed to put smiles on little faces. An amusement park-sized carousel and a pirate-themed play ground are also located nearby.


Iron Doors Just Got a Lot Cooler

Ventura County has jurisdiction over some of the Channel Islands that are located off of California’s Central Coast. A trip to the Channel Islands Visitor Center offers families a great introduction to the small islands and their importance to the area’s ecosystem. The center features interactive exhibits with some of the native marine life. Visitors can take a boat ride over to the Channel Islands National Park for great hiking and nature watching opportunities. The park is a well-recognized and desirable vacation destination for certified SCUBA divers because of the giant kelp forest and other aquatic life that are native to the Channel Islands.

Ventura County also has a great selection of shopping venues and dining experiences. Seafood restaurants are typically found near the county’s beaches, but the depth of great culinary offerings extend to dietary specialties such as vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. For instance, families can head to the city of Ventura to enjoy organic vegan fare at Mary’s Secret Garden and to get vegan and gluten-free baked goods at Sticky Fingers Baking Company.



After an exciting trip to Ventura County, parents may get plenty of pressure from their offspring to make the county their permanent residence. Window shopping for dream homes in Ventura County uncovers a diversity of home styles that include everything from California Bungalows to ultra-modern sanctuaries that overlook the ocean. The press once likened the area’s temperate climate to that of the French Riviera. This inspired many affluent transplants to move there and build sumptuous, Mediterranean-style villas that feature terracotta-colored tile roofs, stucco and stone siding and highly embellished, wrought iron entry doors and gates.

While a move to Ventura County may be out of the question for many visiting families, owning the wrought iron, home exterior accessories that make many of the Ventura County homes so distinctive is not. Pinky’s Iron Doors of Southern California carries numerous models of traditional and modern iron entry doors. Ordering your luxury iron door is easy through our online purchasing platform and delivery service to anywhere in the United States.


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