Wrought Iron Entry Front Doors in Winnemucca Nevada

Strong, Elegant Iron Doors Pay Tribute to Winnemucca's Rugged Beginnings

Winnemucca is a city in Nevada's northern region that was founded in the 1860s as a stopover town for pioneers who were traveling west and south into California and north into Oregon. It is the seat of Humboldt County, and the Humboldt River, which flows through the city, offered water to travelers and their horses. The city served as a railway station for the Transcontinental Railroad, and it contained a store that supplied railroad passengers with goods. Winnemucca was named in honor of a Paiute chief whose family members were influential advocates of the fair treatment and integration of the Native American peoples into the new American culture.


Iron Doors Just Got a Lot Cooler


Today, Winnemucca has a population of over 8,000 people, who are mainly employed in industries such as mining, manufacturing, hospitality and tourism. The city has a rich frontier history that is heavily reflected in its hospitality and tourism industries. For instance, the establishment of the railroads in the area sparked immigration for a variety of reasons. Chinese immigrants, who arrived in the West to help build the railroads, established a thriving Chinatown in Winnemucca that continued well into the mid-20th century. Basque settlers, who arrived at about the same time as their Chinese peers, still have a good number of descendants in Winnemucca. Visitors can sample their unique culinary offerings at a few of the local Winnemucca restaurants, and the city honors them with a cultural festival each year.

Winnemucca is known to be a gateway city for outdoor recreational activities that are offered in the surrounding region. The town, which is framed by scenic mountains and desert sand dunes, is a key spot for mountain biking, rock climbing and camping. Visitors, who really want to relive the glory days of the Old West, can stop by C Horse Ranch for comprehensive horsemanship training and riding lessons. Tours of the area's abandoned ghost towns are also popular excursions for Winnemucca visitors.

 Winnemucca Nevada


The ghost towns of the past have given way to modern residential communities in Winnemucca. The city's topography has remained relatively unspoiled over the years, and its wide-open spaces and scenic mountain views beckon potential home buyers to build their dream homes there. Luxury iron doors, window grilles, gates and other ironwork accessories add character and distinction to new construction homes across the American West. Winnemucca property owners can get the timeless look of iron for their homes and businesses at Pinky's Iron Doors. Pinky's carries a large selection of classic iron doors that feature intricate designs as well as contemporary ones that display clean lines and smooth curves. Pinky's online ordering platform and nationwide shipping make it easy for Winnemucca property owners to get luxury iron doors and accessories. 

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