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PINKYS Welcomes The Next Generation Of Design

Air 5 Double Arch with Sidelights 3D Render
3D Render

LOS ANGELES-BORN ARCHITECTURAL ELEMENTS STUDIO with roots dating back to 1978, PINKYS (formerly Pinky’s Iron Doors and Windows) is credited with being a leader in popularizing the iron doors design trend favored by the country’s most celebrated architecture and interior design firms. Based in LA’s industrial capital and burgeoning arts district of Vernon—the family-owned company has maintained a steadfast commitment to offering innovative and high-quality iron and steel architectural products delivering the beauty of the Southern California indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Recently helmed by a new generation of the PINKYS family, brothers Dion Der and Arin Der took over their family business and have been quietly building upon their father's legacy, slowly growing their vision into the largest inventory of iron doors and steel windows in the country.

As Dion shares: “We champion the creative lifestyle of LA—the light, the air, the palpable energy of the city—to create high-grade architectural elements that break down walls and create infinite opportunities wherever you see them.” Now, more than ever, a newfound appreciation for the home as the center of everyday life has re-energized PINKYS to seek to bring their design approach to a new generation of design professionals and aesthetes alike. PINKYS continues to evolve and refine its vision with every year, fueled by the desire to transform homes into places of light and wellness.

3D Render
Arin and Dion Der | Owners

PINKYS, 2382 East 48th Street, Vernon, CA 90058, 844.843.6677,

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