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Air 4 Interior - Barn Door | Standard Sizes
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Air 5 Interior - Barn Door | Standard Sizes
From $1,481.18  $1,645.75
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Air Lite Interior - Barn Door | Standard Sizes
From $1,481.18  $1,645.75
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Beautiful Black Barn Doors from PINKYS

The barnyard doesn't seem like the best place to look when seeking inspiration for your next door. Just think about what a typical barn represents. Hay. Huge rooms. Farming machinery. These may be the first things that come to mind when you think of black barn doors.

Allow us to reframe your thinking.

Rustic. Unique. Fresh.

These are the words PINKYS uses when focusing on what black barn doors bring to a space. Check your misconceptions about black barn doors and read on as we explore this new stylistic trend.

What Is a Black Barn Door?

Dispel your visions of huge and creaking wooden doors when you think of barn doors. They would obviously add little to your home. Instead, think of black barn doors as doors you can add to any space.


A barn door operates on a track suspended from your doorway. With the track offering support, the door is free to open and close as you see fit. If you need privacy, as you might for a bathroom, a quick slide closes the door and grants the seclusion you hope to find. But if you want to open up your space, these styles of doors can stay open without leaving a slab of wood or iron protruding into the room.

How Black Barn Door Hardware Works

Black barn doors can't function as they should without barn door hardware. And key to this hardware is the track. Installed over your doorway, this track supports your black barn doors as they hang. It incorporates rolling wheels, which roll along the track to allow you to slide your door open.

Hardware is key for black barn doors.

At PINKYS, our carefully designed tracks keep your barn doors stable and reliable, ensuring they don't swing in unexpected directions when in use.

Are Black Barn Doors Right for You?

Here are a few things to think about if you're looking for the right results from a barn door.

Environment Is Key

You have few options when it comes to the look and feel of a black barn door. As much as they can help to make a site seem more interesting, they can also clash with the surrounding environment.

Practicality is key.

But so too is the aesthetic you want to achieve. Before you shop for black barn doors, ask yourself if they add to the environment you've created rather than take away from it.

Does the Color Suit Your Style?

Black is a color that can make a room feel closed in and cluttered if used poorly. It may also contrast heavily with an otherwise light and airy room. PINKYS avoids this problem by using clean black frames with heavy glass features in our black barn doors.

The Security Challenge

It's the hardware that presents the biggest challenge when it comes to a barn door. A track can be easy to access. PINKYS suggests using barn doors for interior spaces for this reason. As pretty as the door may look when used as an exterior door, the opportunities presented to potential intruders are an issue.

Check the Walls

What do you have on your walls near the door's frame?

It's a crucial question to ask because of how barn doors operate. If you have light switches or hanging artwork on a wall next to your door frame, an open barn door restricts access. Clear the space. Otherwise, choose a style of door that doesn't block the wall.

Bring Your Style Back on Track with PINKYS Black Barn Doors

Do you have questions? Would you like to place an order for the black barn doors PINKYS has on sale? Contact us, and we'll happily talk about what this unique style of door can add to your home.