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Air Getty Dutch - Double Flat
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The Best Double Dutch Doors at PINKYS

If you want doors that can make an impact and elevate the allure of your home, double doors are a fantastic choice. But, for an added layer of functionality, double Dutch doors might be even better, offering unique advantages over their traditional counterparts.

For the very best in double Dutch doors and all other exterior and interior doors, PINKYS is the place to shop. With passion, care, and craftsmanship across our entire product line, PINKYS produces doors that leave a lasting impression, wherever they're installed.

What Is a Double Dutch Door?

We'll begin with the basics. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, a Dutch door (also sometimes known as a half door or split door) is a type of door with a horizontal split across its middle. This split divides the door into two sections—the top half and the bottom half—each with independent movement from the other.

In other words, with a Dutch door, you can leave the bottom section closed while swinging the top half open. So, if we take this concept and double it up, we get a double Dutch door. That's effectively two Dutch doors positioned side-by-side, both offering the ability to open up the top and leave the bottom section shut, or open the entire door as a whole, as desired.

The History of Dutch Doors

Dutch doors have risen in popularity in recent years, but they're far from a modern invention. Their history goes back several hundred years, as they originated in rural parts of the Netherlands in the 17th century. There, they were most typically used on farms, helping to provide light and fresh air for the farmhouse, without the risk of farm animals or pests entering the home.

They provided many other benefits, too, like a little extra privacy and security for the homeowners, and lots of Dutch people liked the design. So, when they left their homeland behind and traveled to America, they brought the concept with them, installing single and double Dutch doors on farms and ranches around the Colonies.

The popularity of Dutch doors in the U.S. took time to escalate. It wasn't really until the 1950s that these doors became trendy and desirable among high-end homeowners. Since then, they've begun to feature on many styles and sizes of properties across the nation, beloved by people from all walks of life for their quirky design and versatile functionality.

Double Dutch Doors vs. Standard Double Doors

Compared to a standard door, a Dutch double door has the big benefit of its flexible design, which offers unique opportunities to the owner. Regular double doors can only be either opened or closed. A double Dutch door, however, can also be "half-opened" by swinging the upper door out and leaving the lower door shut.

From cooling the house in summer to letting in light and even accepting deliveries more securely, this clever design offers a host of benefits (more on that below).

Double Dutch vs. Single Dutch Door

Compared to a single-panel Dutch door, the difference that a double door brings to the table is clear—size. Twice as large as a single Dutch door, a double Dutch door offers twice as much room for you to walk through (or move large objects through). It also produces a bigger impact from a visual and curb appeal perspective, which could make it a more desirable option among homeowners.

The Unique Advantages of an Interior or Exterior Dutch Door

Useful for both interior and exterior applications, double Dutch doors present a vast array of advantages to their owners, making them an appealing choice for anyone seeking an unusual but efficient property addition.

A Quirky Yet Versatile Design

Dutch doors are quirky, without a doubt. The way they swing open like a stable door often takes people by surprise, and there's a uniquely rustic charm associated with these doors, as well. But, as well as being quirky, the unique opening mechanisms of double Dutch doors also bring a lot of usefulness and versatility to them.

There are so many interesting ways in which one can use these doors in everyday life. Let's say it's a warm and sunny day, for example. As well as (or instead of) opening the windows, you can swing open the top of your double Dutch doors to let some fresh air flow in. Or imagine a stranger is walking up your path. Rather than opening the door in its entirety to greet them, you can open just half of it, preserving privacy and security.

A Pleasant Breeze Flowing Through the Home

Picture the scene: it's a sunny day. The rays beat down, the temperature rises, and interior spaces start to feel stuffy and sweltering. Sure, you can turn on a fan or crank up the AC, but there's something to be said for cooling a home the old-fashioned way, by opening up some doors and windows and letting the fresh air flow through an even larger space.

It's a refreshing, revitalizing experience to feel the breeze filter through your living areas, and an open Dutch door allows the sounds and smells of nature to enter, as well. Like the birds singing in the trees or the fragrant aroma of flowers in the air. It's uplifting and even good for one's health, and it's all possible thanks to the unique and clever design of the Dutch door.

Illuminating Your Living Rooms with the Sun's Light

Gentle breezes and pleasant smells aren't the only things that can filter through a double Dutch door. By swinging open the top section of your entry door, you can also enjoy a lot of additional natural light. It's like having a whole extra window, which is why double Dutch doors make such great additions to spaces like the living room, kitchen, or dining area, as well as foyers and entry halls.

That light isn't just handy for brightening a space and bringing some color to your interiors, but it can even help to reduce your reliance on artificial light, in the form of lamps and so on. In today's age of sustainable living, with more and more homeowners seeking ways to minimize their carbon footprint, a double Dutch entry door is a worthwhile investment.

Ideal for Homes with Pets or Children

One of the reasons why Dutch doors originally became so popular in the Netherlands in the 1600s was because of the innately family-friendly nature of their design. With young kids in the house, owners could keep them indoors by shutting the lower section of the door, almost like a baby gate, while still enjoying the air and light afforded by opening the upper half.

The same logic applies to pets. By keeping the bottom section shut, you can control the movement of your domestic animals in and out of the home, keeping your dog, for example, in or out, as desired. This makes such a big contrast compared to a standard door, which often has to be shut all the time to prevent pets or children wandering in and out without supervision.

Making a Statement

Double doors make an impact. That's one of the reasons that, throughout history, these kinds of doors were most commonly associated with the grandest and most impressive of buildings. Temples, palaces, castles, manors, mansions—those were the kinds of properties that most frequently had double doors fitted to their frontage.

These days, double doors are more accessible and widespread in their applications and can be used as both indoor and exterior doors. However, they're still just as visually impressive and spectacular as they've always been, guaranteed to make a mark and form a fantastic first impression for guests and visitors to your home.

Double the Space of Standard Doors

This advantage applies to all kinds of double doors, not only double Dutch doors. Naturally, as the "double" part of the name suggests, double Dutch doors are twice the size of their standard, single counterparts. That doesn't just mean that they're twice as impressive to look at, but it also means you have twice as much space to work with when the doors are fully opened up.

So, let's say you're looking to bring some big pieces of furniture into the home. Or, sometime in the future, you're moving out and have to transport the likes of sofas, tables, and beds out. With the space afforded to you by double Dutch doors, that process is so much easier than it would be with a standard single-frame opening.

A Charming and Flexible Aesthetic

Double Dutch doors (and Dutch or half doors in general) are often associated with rustic and rural themes. They did, after all, originate on farms, centuries ago, and were inspired by classic stable doors. This makes them a very popular pick with people who enjoy that kind of aesthetic. They fit fabulously at the back of farm-style kitchens or lining the facades of Colonial-era properties.

But those aren't the only places and themes where the best double Dutch doors, like those in the PINKYS collection, can fit. With chic, modern, and timeless designs, these kinds of entry doors can also look right at home in almost any other sort of property, from the traditional to the contemporary, the mid-century to the minimalist.

Blurring the Lines Between Outdoors and Indoors

Doors are often seen as separators, and dividers, splitting one space from another and forming a barrier between the two. But the best doors do so much more than that. Rather than plainly and simply separating spaces, the most beautiful, artistic, and versatile door designs, like double Dutch doors, can bring two different areas together, blurring the lines that divide them.

That's exactly what double Dutch doors are capable of. Similar to French doors or barn doors, exterior Dutch doors provide a link between the outside and the inside. Just swing open the top section, and enjoy an instant connection with the world beyond, as the light, air, and atmosphere of the two spaces mix in one unified blend. 

Suitable for Exterior and Interior Applications

Another fantastic aspect of the Dutch door design is that it works in so many spaces, and you can get just as much joy from interior Dutch doors as you can when using these doors for exterior applications. They fit seamlessly throughout the home, everywhere from living rooms to laundry rooms, bedrooms to bathrooms, joining rooms together and bringing fresh style and versatility wherever they go.

Of course, they're also amazing around the outside of a property. Many people like to install double Dutch doors at the front of the home, for example, leading into grand entry spaces or foyers. Others enjoy having them towards the rear of the house, leading out onto decks, patios, grill areas, and backyards. With a double Dutch door, the choices are almost endless.

An Engaging and Agreeable Opening System

Finally, while it may seem a relatively small point compared to some of the others, there's something just plain fun about Dutch doors. The manner in which they open, the way their design takes people by surprise, the visual impact of having the top swings open with a gentle push, it all comes together to create a uniquely satisfying experience for the user.

It's one of those little, simple joys of life, something quite basic, yet remarkably uplifting. The very act of opening your double Dutch doors each day can be enough to brighten your mood and lift your spirits. What's more, there are so many ways in which these doors and their design help to make life easier, like when receiving packages at the door or greeting your guests.

Reasons to Buy Double Hung Doors at PINKYS

Bringing more light, air, safety, and fun to one's life, Dutch door hardware clearly has much to offer when compared to traditional doors. If you wish to enjoy all the best features of these doors, with no downsides, PINKYS is the place to buy them. Here are some of the key reasons to choose our exterior our interior Dutch door collection.

An Experienced Name in Artisan Door Design

PINKYS has been around quite a while. Not quite as long as Dutch doors, of course, but still several decades. It was in 1978 when our company first took root and we started work on our very first artisan door designs. A lot has changed in the years since then, and we've come a long way, honing our craft and improving our output as the decades went by.

Now, PINKYS stands alone as one of the most experienced names in the world of artisan door manufacture. Still doing things the old-fashioned way, with love and care, but using the most up-to-date manufacturing methods and high-end metal materials, we deliver the kind of doors that homeowners can feel proud to have as part of their properties.

Inspired by Southern California Sunsets

Every creator, artist, or artisan needs a muse, a source of inspiration, something to fuel their work and influence their designs and artistic output. For us, our inspiration has always been, and always will be, the beauty of our Southern California surroundings, and especially the unparalleled magic and majesty of a SoCal sunset.

The sight of the sun slipping below the horizon, bathing the cities, beaches, and landscapes in a golden glow. It encapsulates everything that makes this part of the world so special. It's energy, excitement, creativity, and opportunity, all wrapped up in a moment, and it's something we never tire of. With every door we make, we aim to capture just a little slice of that SoCal sunset essence.

Peerless Passion in Every Project

At PINKYS, we never work in half-measures. We don't treat some doors with more passion and care than the others, or put out products that we're not entirely satisfied with. That's not our way. Instead, we pour heart and soul into each door that we make, never settling for anything less than the best and upholding the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship across our product line. 

Naturally, that approach applies to our entire lineup of Dutch doors, including our double Dutch door products, like the Air Getty Dutch Double Flat. As a result, you can always count on PINKYS to provide consistently high-quality doors, crafted with care and built to last for years of use and enjoyment in your home.

Plenty of Potential for Customization

Another part of the PINKYS philosophy is our commitment to customization. We know and understand that every homeowner is different, and they all have their own ideas about how their homes should be, and what their exterior and interior doors should look like. Often, clients come to us with a very specific style and design in mind, and we always aim to accommodate their desires.

That's why, when you buy any entry door from PINKYS, you'll be able to select from an array of customizable aspects. Those aspects include frame color, glass type, swing direction, door jamb thickness, and door slab size. With so many options on the table, it's straightforward to find the exact door style you're looking for.

Quick and Easy Installs

Getting a new door, be it a split door, half door, interior door, or some other style, should be a pleasant, even exciting experience, representing a welcome addition to the home. However, more often than not, new doors bring frustration for their owners, as the installation process, even with pre-hung doors, can be tedious and time-consuming, taking much longer than expected.

Not so with a PINKYS door. All of our doors are designed to the most precise and measured specifications for ultra-easy installations. What's more, with our many size options and customizable swing styles, it's easier than ever to pick a door that suits your home and its existing openings just right for a hassle-free set-up.

The Highest Quality Materials and Production Techniques

We've already spoken about how PINKYS doesn't settle for second best, and how we put so much love and care into the products we make. Well, that's not hyperbole. It's the truth. Since 1978, PINKYS has always prided itself on its commitment to quality, and that commitment remains steadfast and unwavering today.

From the materials we choose to work with to the tried and tested artisan methods we use to piece our doors together, PINKYS always invests in the best. We impose strict standards of quality on ourselves, in order to ensure that the doors we deliver to our customers are truly the best they can be. You can count on PINKYS doors to not merely meet your expectations, but exceed them.

Made of the Strongest Metals

Wood, glass, fiberglass, composite, aluminum—many materials can be used for making Dutch interior and entry doors. Traditional Dutch doors were most commonly made of solid wood back in the day, which worked well at the time, as it was affordable and accessible. But these days, superior options are available, like steel and iron, which are what we at PINKYS choose to work with.

With decades of experience in iron and steel door manufacture, PINKYS understands exactly how to form and forge these metals. We know how to bend and shape them in all the right ways to create the most spectacular and sublime doors, all while extracting all the unique benefits they bring in terms of strength, security, and durability.

Order Your New Double Dutch Door at PINKYS

Maybe you've always longed for a door with a little extra functionality. Perhaps the unique lifestyle benefits of a Dutch door are simply too good to pass up. Or maybe you're simply looking for a fresh, quirky, out-of-the-box addition to your property. In any of these cases—and others—a double Dutch door could be the perfect fit, and PINKYS is undoubtedly the place to find it.

So, if you're eager to add a double Dutch door to your home, check out our full collection, featuring timeless models like the Air Getty Dutch. Or examine our range of single Dutch doors for even more options that aren't quite as large, like the Air 4 and Air Lite. Find your favorite and order today, or reach out to our team to learn more about what a Dutch cut door can bring to your property.